Flint Party Bus Royal Oak Destinations

Comet Burgers | 207 S. Main St | Royal Oak MI 48067 | 248-414-4567
Oh yeah baby, this is the only place to pull up in the party bus after a long night of bar hopping all around Royal Oak. Comet Burger is one of the greatest. Open late to provide you with the sliders that you were meant to eat after drinking, along with plenty of other carbs on the menu to help soak up that alcohol in your system. Cool 50s décor is all over this place. It looks like you might have stepped onto the set of Grease to dine. We dig all this old school diner food, completely unhealthy but ever so good! Onion rings, waffle fries, milkshakes, fried mushrooms... Should we go on? You get the picture! And it’s all worth it! Super cheap and delish.

Beirut Palace | 105 S Main St | Royal Oak MI 48067 | 248-399-4600
Need to get your Arabic food fix on in downtown Royal Oak? Beirut Palace is your place. Right on Main Street so it's super convenient, especially if you are shopping till you drop at all the cool stores like Chozen, Shine, Noir Leather and Lift. Fresh, healthy super tasty food to refuel you after all that walking you will do. Super speedy efficient service great for when you are starving. Chicken shawarma was delish, and we love that this is one of the few places that serves their perfectly cooked rice with cinnamon on top! A great and yummy touch! You can get carry out as well. Perfect!

Mr. B’s Pub | 215 S Main St | Royal Oak MI 48067 | 248-399-0017
This is one of the many places in Royal Oak that all the cool kids (and adults) come to party, be entertained, and eat all in the same place. We have always loved Mr. B’s Pub. Have that party bus pull on up here because they have the room to accommodate your large group and plenty to keep them busy once they get inside. Weekends are made for booty shaking dancing with their deejay who knows how to spin those tunes. This place has a full bar with a special beer highlighted every month along with dinner for two for only $30. This includes one appetizer, two dinners and one dessert. You cannot beat that especially for top notch food like this.

O’Toole’s | 205 E Fifth Ave | Royal Oak MI 48067 | 248-591-9226
O’Toole’s is a must on your pub crawl list for the party limo driver to stop at. Great atmosphere, full bar which includes this thing they call tower of Pabst Blue Ribbon which is 128oz of super ice cold beer for only $15. Need we say more? No, but we shall! Ribs, seafood and wings... oh yeah! All of these go well with that giant beer we ordered. Appetizers are awesome and are perfectly proportioned to our alcoholic beverage. Cool pub atmosphere with a stone fireplace and a roll up door, we are guessing this place may have been an auto shop back in the day. We left filled up and happy!

Gusoline Alley | 309 S Center St | Royal Oak MI 48067 | 248-545-2235
Best dive bar hole in the wall in Royal Oak is Gusoline Alley. This is a long skinny closet-like place that has a killer jukebox, TVs with sports, and a diverse and down to earth crowd. The staff is cool – they pour generous shots, serve an awesome draught beer selection, and suggest tons of cheap drinks! Princesses and Princes need not step foot in here... this is not your place! There are people who hang here on a regular basis but that adds to the cool charm of this watering hole. Bring the green because this is a cash only establishment. And have the party limo bring you here, all this inexpensive drinking will catch up with you fast and you will be glad to have someone else drive you home.

Fifth Avenue | 215 W Fifth St | Royal Oak MI 48067 | 248-629-9423
Tons of things going on at Fifth Avenue... Food, drinks, pool, sports bar, live music, and dancing are all available in this place. There is lots of room to bring everyone in your large posse in the party limo to fit and have lots of fun in here. There is something to keep all your peeps entertained. This place gets packed on the weekends, so calling ahead to reserve some tables would be a really good idea. We recommend their famous Fifth Avenue pizza which you can choose round or square and pick from a wide variety of toppings. An ice cold beer washed this down nicely. Awesome!

Town Tavern | 116 W 4th Street | Royal Oak MI 48067 | 248-544-7300
This joint the Town Tavern has a very European/Montreal type of feel, with completely unpretentious class to it as well. We like how the window rolls up in good weather to join the inside with the outdoor patio seating... very cool! It is a great place to hit for lunch or dinner after getting your shopping fix on... grab a Michigan cherry screwdriver to unwind with too. Yum! Follow that with the lobster mac and cheese, with such rich decadent goodness that every bite will make you want to ohh and ahhh. The short rib tacos as an appetizer do not disappoint as well! Tasty, moist saucy goodness. We will definitely return.

Luna Lounge | 1815 N Main St | Royal Oak MI 48067 | 248-589-3344
Crazy drink specials make Luna Lounge a top destination to hit in Royal Oak. This place gets super packed with wall to wall people on the weekend, so if you are going to show up with a large group in the party limo, you may want to call ahead to see if they can reserve you some tables. Luna dancers that are themed to whatever music is being featured that evening are totally awesome! People watching is great here. You never know who is going to be hanging and/or lurking at this place which is half the fun. We like the alternative music they throw in with radio hits, eclectic at its best!

Goodnite Gracie’s | 224 Sherman Dr | Royal Oak MI 48067 | 248-544-7490
Best martinis in the city of Royal Oak? That has to be Goodnite Gracie’s. There is an upscale, cosmopolitan feel to this place but it makes you feel very comfortable at the same time. Nice décor, full bar and an awesome deejay that will make you feel like dancing even if you came to just get your drink on. They also have a fabulous menu with a crab cake calling your name that you won't be able to resist. It pairs well with your martinis and then you're in heaven. Bartenders are attentive and speedy, two great qualities that should be on their resumes. This place fills up fast, so squeeze in before happy hour to get a seat in this cozy place, or give it a try on an early evening on the weekends. We just dig this place!

Duggan’s Irish Pub | 31501 Woodward Royal Oak MI 48073 | 248-549-3659
The place that's known for its sweet second floor view of Woodward Ave is Duggan’s Irish Pub. Big enough to pull that party bus up and have all your party people go on in and fit just right. There’s a whole lot of square footage going on in there. This place won best burger for lunch by the Metro Times, and we can see why! Or should we say taste why? Oh my, that is one super-duper awesome burger full of goodness! That's why they call this the original Ted’s drive in 5x5 burger. This thing is so big we can barely fit our mouths around it and we seriously wonder how anyone ever ate this in their car without driving home with their hands slipping off the steering wheel from the condiments oozing out. But hey, that's just the way we like it!

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