Flint Party Bus Pricing

We here at Flint Party Bus are happy to bring you the best deals available! Our prices are the most rational in the area, as they change from day to day based on expected traffic, fuel usage, and demand. We don't publish rates online because prices fluctuate with the market, but we can easily give you an exact price quote for any days that you desire service! All you've got to do is give us a quick call on the phone or send us an email. Our contact information is at the top of every single page of this website, and can also be found right here. In addition to providing exact prices here on the website, we'd like to tell you about some of the ways in which you can save money during a party bus trip with us, and tell you how other Flint Party Bus customers have made the most of their dollars.

Many of our customers take advantage of Flint Party Buses great pricing and high quality vehicles. Make sure to check back frequently were adding new vehicles often, and the price is always affordable.

Other Flint Party Bus customers have done something different, and instead of leaving the bus, they just party inside the bus all night! This is a much more affordable option than bar hopping or club hopping, because buying bottles of your favorite liquor, wine, and beer, is of course much cheaper than paying for it at a nightclub. Since our buses are built to look like VIP rooms, you really feel like you're in your own private nightclub on the road. You can play bartender and mix drinks for your friends all night, enjoy watching our HD flat screen TVs, and dance to the music that's booming from our high quality audio systems. Don't forget to bring your favorite CDs or your iPod!

Another way to save money when booking a party bus trip with Flint Party Bus is to try to book your trip on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday whenever possible, when our prices are lower than on the weekends. To find out more about saving money with us, just give us a call right now!

We'll need this information form you in order to give accurate pricing:

  • Date of event you need service for

  • The location of pick up and the time

  • The time and location of final drop off

  • The number of passengers/size vehicle you'll need