Flint Party Bus Whitesburg Destinations

Clio Roadhouse Bar & Grill | 2183 W Vienna Rd | Clio, MI 48420 | (810) 564-2200
Thinking about hitting up the Whitesburg area with Flint Party Bus and wondering where the heck you're going to be able to obtain a great burger and a beer? Well, Clio Roadhouse Bar & Grill should be your number one choice if you ask us! This is the kind of spot where you can build your own burger or just choose something absolutely exquisite off the menu. Either way, there are just tons of options. We are particularly big fans of the boss hog burger, the montrose ram burger, and the mamma mia burger! We could just go on and on about those incredible flavors. We love the fact that this place stays open til 2 every single night, always great for late-night outings!

Lucky's Steak House | 11451 N Linden Rd | Clio, MI 48420 | (810) 686-8600
Our second pick for the Whitesburg area is Lucky's Steak House, a nice reliable joint where you can walk right in and feel at home even if it's your very first visit. Sitting at the bar is so comfortable and inviting, and you'll just want to stay there all night, sipping perfectly crafted martinis and engaging in some stimulating conversation. The food here is absolutely delish and definitely a cut above the rest in this area! Yet you will not pay an arm and a leg for it by any means. The prime rib is probably our fave thing here and we also adore the coconut jumbo shrimp and the blackened mahi mahi. There's outdoor seating for the summer months too!

Oscar & Joey's Roadhouse | 12027 Dixie Hwy | Birch Run, MI 48415 | (989) 624-9349
Oscar & Joey's Roadhouse is an awesome spot in the Whitesburg area that offers a lot of yummy game options including venison and even fun karaoke nights so that you can show off those vocal chops! It's always fun here and there's just so much to do and see and eat and drink! The ambiance is pure barbecue restaurant with the picnic style tablecloths and lots of trophy heads on the walls. There are options for non-game lovers here too, though, no worries! The bread with maple butter is the perfect way to begin and they also have wonderful banana bread. If you're adventurous, try the alligator! Very tasty and memorable. Open til 9 most nights, 10 Fri, 1 Sat.

Cloverleaf Bar & Grill | 13508 N Saginaw Rd | Clio, MI 48420 | (810) 687-0928
Feeling lucky? Why not head out to Cloverleaf Bar & Grill in the Whitesburg area when you're out here with Flint Party Bus? This cool spot is always a nice place to catch the coolest cover bands and sip happy hour specials that will give you a nice buzz and not break your bank. There's always sports on TV here and it's kind of nice to have that juxtaposition between sports and karaoke or live music. They even have Guitar Hero contests here, which is a pretty cool thing to check out even if you don't participate. The menu consists of awesome appetizers, delicious sandwiches, a huge array of pizza options, and of course great burgers and dinners too! Dee-lish!

Joe's Garage Sports Pub | 6468 W Vienna Rd | Clio, MI 48420 | (810) 686-1100
Joe's Garage Sports Pub has a motor theme going on and we just love it that way! It's probably the only place of its kind in the Whitesburg area and we think it's a very smart spot for you and your Flint Party Bus group to stop in for lunch or dinner or drinks. They have some of the most delicious pizza and cheese bread that you'll ever sink your teeth into. We're not sure if this is an all-the-time thing, but when we've been there, they've been blasting '80s music through the night, and that's enough to win us over without anything else added on top! Very friendly servers make you feel right at home and really know their stuff. Very highly recommended to you!

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