Flint Party Bus Whigville Destinations

Victoria's Delights | 12 S Washington St | Oxford, MI 48371 | (248) 969-3477
Incredible French food that you won't be able to resist... wonderful service that is all too hard to find elsewhere... nice prices that are so affordable for your party bus groups... what more would we need to recommend this as a prime Flint Party Bus destination? Not much! It really does seem that they have it all, and it's so conveiently located for your upcoming ventures in the Whigville area too. We highly recommend sitting at the bar whether for your meal or just for some cocktails and conversation. This is not a huge establishment so you'll want to call ahead and make sure they can accommodate your group. Very cozy and an awesome array of beers to choose from too!

The Ox Bar & Grill | 23 S Washington St | Oxford, MI 48371 | (248) 628-1400
The Ox Bar & Grill had the tremendous fortune of moving into a space that was previously occupied by a beautiful upscale restaurant, and they very wisely decided to keep a great deal of the decor, thereby lending a more upscale ambiance to this bar and making it a very inviting place to spend a night in Whigville with Flint Party Bus. The beautiful bar is a major perk here and we highly recommend sitting there to enjoy the beer and wine selection or a strong cocktail. The monte cristo is probably our favorite thing on the menu and we also love the chili con queso and the spinach and artichoke dip. Open til 11 most nights, 2 on Fri-Sat, closed Sunday.

The Oxford Tap | 36 S Washington St | Oxford, MI 48371 | (248) 236-0380
The Oxford Tap is another really ideal spot in the Whigville area for Flint Party Bus customers to get their grub on, and that includes amazing sandwiches and a fantastic selection of beer, wine, and spirits. This is a really fun place to spend the big holidays, especially St Paddy's Day, which many of our customers have chosen this as a destination for. There are huge flat screens here for the sports lovers too, love that! What would we recommend most highly here? Probably the half pound burgers for just five bucks, really piled high with fresh toppings and so delish! They are open every single night until 2AM so you're never left out in the cold early in the evening!

Lenny Miller's | 5800 Main St | Dryden, MI 48428 | (810) 796-2470
Another bar that we think is just awesome right here in the Whigville area for our Flint Party Bus customers is Lenny Miller's. This is the kind of spot that's got its own salad bar that has a lot of great options for you, from fresh homemade soups to yummy salad fixings that you can use to craft your own ideal plate. Their holiday buffets are a very popular thing in this area and that's a nice time to enjoy it if you can manage to fit your party bus group in! The Angus roast beef is probably our fave thing here. There's of course a full bar for your total enjoyment. The only downside is that there are no TVs here for the sports fans and headline lovers.

24th Street Sports Tavern | 13 S Washington St | Oxford, MI 48371 | (248) 628-1217
Since the previous place doesn't offer TVs for the sports lovers out there, we wanted to make sure that this recommendation had that and more! Not only do they have a ton of great flat screens here for your viewing pleasure, but they also have one of the nicest ambiances in the Whigville area. Flint Party Bus customers are always raving about how great this place is and we definitely agree with them. The menu is large and extensive and the food is absolutely delish. We think it's cute that their burger buns are branded with their logo, and they're good enough to deserve that trademark too! They're large, packed with flavor, and just so juicy. Love it here!

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