Flint Party Bus Vienna Destinations

Exit Restaurant | 9143 Birch Run Rd | Birch Run MI 48415 | 989-624-9652
This is definitely the place to bring all of your people on the party bus! They have a special menu and pricing for these super large groups which is a huge bonus in our book. There is also this thing they call the challenge burger. Totaling four-and-a-half pounds, the burger consists of gigantic burger patties, each topped with two slices of American cheese, one pound of french fries, one pound of bacon, coleslaw, lettuce and tomatoes. The bun is made with a full loaf of bread from their bakery. This is only available on Fridays after 11am if you are interested... Only the most daring need apply!

Tony's I-75 Restaurant | 8781 Main St | Birch Run MI 48415 | 989-624-5860
Holy mackerel... The portions here are big enough to feed Paul Bunyan and all his cloud-reaching enormous friends! We think the amount of bacon they gave us at breakfast could be stretched across the interstate from the Birch Run Exit all the way back to the I-75 interchange in Metro Detroit. We are serious! Unless you have an appetite the size of a mountain lion, do not order separate meals unless you plan to take a whole lot of it home and feast off of it for a few days! It's also a great idea to eat here first before you hit the outlet shopping so you have plenty of energy to shop and eventually burn enough calories to zip your pants back up.

Uno's Pizzeria | 8925 Market Place Dr | Birch Run MI 48415 | 989-624-8667
Attention ladies headed to shop at the outlet stores with your husbands that came from afar on a party bus... to keep them happy while you shop, just leave them here at Uno’s. Why have them complaining all day about how long you are taking and how much money you are spending when you can have them hang out here? A full bar with big screen TVs (especially great during football season!) will keep them entertained for hours. Add in a deep dish pizza that will keep them so full, they won’t want to move off their seat to find you or even pick up their phone to call you! Now you are all set for an all-day shopping excursion! You're welcome.

A&W at the Outlets | 12200 Market Place Dr | Birch Run MI 48415 | 989-624-2155
Seriously, it is hard to go wrong eating at an A&W anywhere, but at this A&W at the Outlets, they are built for speed just from being used to the sheer volume of hungry people needing to get fed. We discovered something new at this particular branch of this chain – this drink they call a root beer freeze. We already knew that they have the best root beer ever hands down, and fantastic floats as well, but adding this touch to it, we are hooked! It will be a must every time we visit. We added a bacon cheeseburger with onion rings to our order and it completed the fast food trifecta dining experience for us! Nice!

Oscar & Joey's Roadhouse | 12027 Dixie Hwy | Birch Run MI 48415 | 989-624-9349
The beautiful mounted animals staring us down from the walls lent to the unique atmosphere of Oscar and Joey’s Roadhouse. The food has this incredibly comfy-cozy good down-home earthly feel to it, as does their amazingly friendly staff. We ordered buffalo sausage, and boy, were we glad we did! It was a giant portion of tasty goodness that made us savor each and every bite. Casual dining with a full bar to boot to round out this joint... it all makes for a really fun place to bring the party limo gang. Plus, they have the tables to fit your oversized group. A definite must-return!

Victor & Merek's Deli Bakery & Pizzeria | 12190 Market Place Dr | Birch Run MI 48415 | 989-624-3354
Victor and Merek’s Deli Bakery and Pizzeria is a breath of much needed fresh air located conveniently at the Birch Run Outlet Shopping complex. They make their sandwiches on homemade bread and they feature fabulous pizza and locally brewed beer and wine too. You can enjoy it all when dining in, or buy it to take with you to appreciate in the comfort of your own abode. There's a drive thru if you are on your way home exhausted from your full day of shopping and just want to eat it on the road. The great prices and the casual dining makes it perfect place to refuel your body.

Beijing Express | 12373 S Beyer Rd | Birch Run MI 48415 | 989-624-5217
After shopping till you drop, you bought a wok and it makes you crave Chinese food... well don't wait until you go home! Beijing Express is your place. This no frills cafeteria style dining works because the food tastes great, fills you up significantly and can be bought with what little limit is left on your charge card or those few crumbled up bills left in your pocket! You know, the end-of-the-day Birch Run experience! Speedy service is a bonus too. We suggest an extra-large drink containing caffeine so you can take your last bits of energy to drive home without falling asleep at the wheel... or just rent one of our party buses. Now that's what we call full service.

Goal Post Pizza | 12035 Church St | Birch Run MI 48415 | 989-624-4397
We felt we should be waiting behind a red velvet rope to enter this place, like the late 70s at Studio 54 in NYC. Why? For two reasons. The décor of this place is absolutely from that time period, but the pizza is so far out crazy good that we don’t understand how we actually are able to get a seat in this eatery! Great for the party bus group to fit everybody but you can bring the kids too. They have video games for them to play if they get bored while you are busy savoring every flavorful bite of your pie. They also make a mean chicken alfredo and other various dishes if someone in your group is not feeling the pizza.

Terry's Restaurant | 8474 W Mt Morris Rd | Flushing MI 48433 | 810-639-5641
A newer kid on the block to the Flushing area is Terry’s Restaurant. Pizza is the staple at this place, along with an awesome Stromboli... We could eat mounds of this stuff! This is a classic, clean family dining restaurant with good food and prices to match. We like dependable places like this, somewhere to take the kids and not spend a small fortune, plus quick service so we don’t have to listen to them whine about being bored. Young and old alike will scream for ice cream, especially because they have 18 different hand dipped flavors to choose from! Enough said.

Halo Burger | 9130 Birch Run Rd | Birch Run MI 48415 | 989-624-5441
An upgrade from usual fast food dining is Halo Burger and they are not on every corner like some of its close relatives like Mickey D’s and Wendy’s. The eggnog milkshake made us suck so hard on the straw to get every last bit out of the cup, we nearly busted the bottom of the cup! Great way to fill up during your bargain shopping at the outlets by dining in – or if you cannot take another single step, they have a drive thru as well. Eat it in the car on your journey home, trying not to make a mess all over your steering wheel... but with food this good, you won’t mind if you do have to clean up afterwards.

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