Flint Party Bus Troy Destinations

J. Alexander’s | 2800 W Big Beaver Rd | Troy MI 48084 | 248-816-8379
A breath of fresh air in a mall setting is J. Alexander’s despite this not being your ordinary mall. This place is at Somerset Collection North. Bring the party bus goers, they have room for all you in this classy setting with a full bar. The aged prime rib that makes us drool just thinking about it, along with those ever so tender steaks with those super delicious skinny fries served together... We could go on and on. You can order a baked potato as a side – this costs $8.00 which may seem a bit pricey but not when it’s as big as the state of Idaho! And its loaded enough that we’ve surprised it doesn’t collapse the plate it comes on. Yum!

Benihana | 1985 W Big Beaver Rd | Troy MI 48084 | 248-649-6340
The ideal place to come with a super large group of people on a party bus is definitely Benihana. It’s a fun loud place where everyone can fit around an oversized table, ordering their food and watching the chef cook it right in front of them. The entertainment is built right into the dining experience, watching the chef flip veggies and meat with the greatest of ease. Fantastic and fresh sushi is a standard here. Salmon and avocado roll was our favorite. We ate at least one too many! We left super-duper stuffed with our stomachs contented and our brains thanking us.

Ocean Prime | 2915 Coolidge Hwy | Troy MI 48084 | 248-458-0500
Wow, this is an upscale place to go with your significant other! Get all gussied up in the party limo for a special date at Ocean Prime! The meals here aren’t for mere mortals. They seem like they are made for gods of mythology. The smoking shellfish tower is market price but ever so worth it especially if you are a seafood lover. It will be some of the best you’ve ever eaten along with all these other fabulous seafood creations they serve here. Full bar for a drink to pair perfectly with whatever dish you choose for your dining pleasure. In warmer weather, ask to sit out on the patio, it is a real treat!

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro | 2801 W Big Beaver Rd | Troy MI 48084 | 248-816-8000
Oh how we love P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, let us count the ways... So many appetizers, yet sadly only so much room in our stomachs. Lettuce wraps with that unique most delish sauce they whip up right in front of you at the table. We put that sauce on just about anything we order at this place. Those fried crispy green beans with that hot horseradish sauce, okay, we died and went to condiment heaven here. Oh wait, we haven’t even gotten to our meal yet! A huge portion of combo fried rice that has both chicken and shrimp has us reeling in joy. We bet our fortune cookies will tell us to make many return trips!

Maggiano’s | 2089 W Big Beaver Rd | Troy MI 48084 | 248-205-1060
A little slice of Italy right in Troy is Maggiano’s. This is a class act from start to finish starting with the fact that they only have valet parking. Staff is fantastic, making you feel like you just stepped into a fine dining establishment in the country shaped like a boot. This stuff they call mom’s lasagna, it’s as tall as a skyscraper and loaded with meatballs too! We are surprised Garfield is not eating at this place every night. Lasagna lovers, this is the best you will ever eat. The crème brulee with its crunchy sugary crust and strawberries makes us want to eat so much of this goodness, we are sure we’d lapse into a sugar coma before we'd allow ourselves to stop. Sigh!

Brio | 2801 W Big Beaver Rd | Troy MI 48084 | 248-643-6045
This Italian eatery Brio is located in Somerset Mall South. They serve some of the very best food that you are ever going to eat at a chain restaurant. One of our all-time favorite things to eat here hands down is the famous Brio Burger. You are thinking, "A burger at an Italian place?" Actually, this burger is one of the best you will ever eat anywhere as a matter of fact. Fresh moist meat cooked to perfection with this delectable sauce that makes this taste like nothing else we’ve ever put in our mouths. We have dreams of these burgers. Great staff who makes you feel at home especially if you go hang at the bar for happy hour – and you'll love the specials on the happy hour menu too! Love it!

Mr. B’s Food and Spirits | 3946 Rochester Rd | Troy MI 48084 | 248-689-6090
Bring on the fun for the whole gang on the party bus at Mr. B’s Food and Spirits where they have the room to accommodate you all. They have live bands on the weekends for your group to rock out with and/or hit the dance floor. We dug into the mushroom swiss bacon burger with much delight and eagerness. Did we mention that this is a huge burger served with a generous portion of fries? They have a full bar with a great selection of beer to wash your meal down with. The long island iced teas are made very strong and smooth here too! Good stuff and lots of fun to be had by all.

Bangkok Bistro | 120 W Maple Rd | Troy MI 48084 | 248-273-3960
This hole in the wall in a strip mall offers a totally unexpected and wonderful dining experience, especially considering it is sharing land with a Wal-Mart. Bangkok Bistro is just wonderful. This is typically a very busy place especially at lunch time where the wait time to pick up your food for carry out is thirty minutes. The food is fresh and tasty so it is totally worth having some patience to have your food cooked this well. This eggplant dish with chicken in it, wow! It is so yummy, even the lunch portion is huge and we have to stop ourselves from eating it all at once! We will absolutely have to visit again and again!

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse | 755 W Big Beaver Rd | Troy MI 48084 | 248-269-8424
Classic décor, menu, and service is all rolled up into one fine dining experience here at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. The well-heeled and well-dressed come here to eat a beautiful meal, have a smart cocktail, and enjoy a quiet evening away from home. You would expect the cast of Madmen to be sitting there in character, enjoying themselves in an old school rat pack way. This is the place for those looking for a refined evening perhaps for a special occasion with a loved one to enjoy one of their signature steaks still sizzling as it is presented to you at your table. Oh my!

Morton’s Steakhouse | 888 W Big Beaver Rd | Troy MI 48084 | 248-404-9845
Make sure you clear room on your credit card to eat at Morton’s Steakhouse... pricey is an understatement but it is well worth it if you are willing to pony up the green stuff. Best steak you are ever going to consume in your whole entire life. The center-cut filet mignon nearly brought tears to our eyes with every delectable bite that hit our palates. We wanted this to last as long as possible and were disappointed when we finished every last bit of it. We considered ordering another, thinking it’d be okay if we couldn’t afford to eat for the next month and put ourselves into a beef coma at the very same time... Simply the best!

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