Flint Party Bus Thetford Destinations

A&W at Birth Run Outlets | 12200 Market Place Drive | Birch Run, MI 48415 | (989) 624-2155
This A&W at the Outlets goes so fast that it’s like they cracked open the high speed internet from Comcast to give to their employees. Maybe they get paid off by the outlet stores to get people served quickly so they can eat and get back to spending the big bucks shopping! You can also grab it on your way home from a long day of shopping and chow it in the car. In good weather, they also have outdoor seating where we enjoyed root beer floats to get us buzzed up for more shopping. Best root beer on earth and the food isn’t too shabby either... a chili dog from here always hits the spot!

La Villa Pizzeria | 8372 North Saginaw Road | Mount Morris, MI 48458 | (810) 686-0107
One of the best casual pizza joints to take the whole family to in Mount Morris is La Villa Restaurant and Pizzeria. We love that smell of a good pizza pie as we hit the front door of this place. As always we enjoyed our homespun dining experience here at this establishment. Our pizza accompanied by a glass of wine is a consistent nice touch that we rely on. The prices are great and the staff is pleasant and speedy. You cannot beat La Villa for simple goodness. Takeout is available too, always hot and ready when you arrive to pick it up!

Silvio Italian Restaurant & Lounge | 138 West Vienna Street | Clio, MI 48420 | (810) 686-7410
Bring the party bus people, young and old, for some of the most awesome pizza in the Clio area. We love Silvio Italian Restaurant and Lounge. They have the room for everyone to sit down and have a nice meal together. They do take reservations so it might be a good idea to do so to make sure they can seat you right away. The full bar allows you to polish off a few cocktails with your meal which is nice especially since you are not driving. You can also grab takeout from here as well, just in case you want to chow your tasty pizza on your own couch in front of your own tv.

Wah Nam Restaurant | 4492 Richfield Road | Genesee, MI 48437 | (810) 743-7470
It's been said that even Buddha gives his approval to Wah Nam Restaurant by stationing himself very comfortably in the lobby. Nothing fancy or reinvented here, just plain good tasting old fashioned Chinese food the way it has been made for generations back in the old country. We like the simplicity of this. We also dig the luscious almond chicken that they cook at this place. It melts in your mouth. Yummy! This is a clean eatery with a nice efficient staff. Eat in or take out, it’s all the same which equals good stuff! Many return visits are in order.

Nuevo Vallarta | 138 West Vienna Street | Clio, MI 48420 | (810) 686-7410
If you happen to be in a bad mood when you enter the doors of Nuevo Vallarta, you won’t be once you get in and take a look around. The décor is so cheerful, it can’t help but lift your spirits. It will get you in the right mindset to enjoy some truly terrific authentic Mexican food, some of the best in the area. Plus, the portions are large and the prices are small, a winning combination in our eyes. Speedy service, happy staff (the décor really does work!) and sparkling clean restaurant just adds to our contentment with this place. It all works!

Sweet Charlie's | 182 West Vienna Street | Clio MI 48420 | (810) 687-3596
Homemade delicious food abounds at Sweet Charlie’s of Clio. They do not have a huge menu but that is okay with us. They seem to make everything quite well on it so that is all that matters. A highlight of this place is that they serve breakfast all day, and being big breakfast fans, we are all over this! They also make some amazing from-scratch baked goods that make our mouths water just looking at them and thinking about them. We always make sure we get some sort of dessert when we frequent this place even if we take it home!

Classic Coney Island | 7471 North Genesee | Genesee, MI 48437 | (810) 640-1595
Have your party bus peeps fill up at the Classic Coney Island before they hit the bars for the night, they have the room for you all to come pile on in. There are tons of choices on the menu here, from typical coney island fare to full dinners, plus lots of sides to choose from and meals on the lighter side as well. There is no way not to find something you want to eat at this place. One of our favorites is the classic chicken gyro with cucumber sauce. Not too light, not too heavy... tender tasty chicken and that sauce... we asked for more to dip our fries in, instead of catsup. Love it!

Rene's Dixie Diner | 12099 North Saginaw | Clio, MI 48420 | (810) 686-7556
It may be cliché but when we step into Rene’s Dixie Diner, we just want to start whistling Dixie. This place just puts you in an automatic good mood, with it’s down to earth country fried atmosphere. You get a whole lotta food for your dollar and it’s really good. We enjoy breakfast here and the highlight is the toast! Homemade country white bread is what this "best toast ever" is made of. We could just eat this on its own and be happy. We'd just have the laid back sweet staff keep serving us this buttery crispy delight till we literally can’t fit any more in our tummies. Heaven!

Clio Bowling & Arcade | 3345 West Vienna | Clio, MI 48420 | (810) 686-0260​
Don’t let the 70’s era exterior fool you about Clio Bowling Arcade – they have a whole lot of modern activities going on inside this place. Glow bowling every Friday night, karaoke in the lounge with a new laptop system and LED lights, and even Club Keno too. The lounge has these tables that have come from all over the USA, each with their own story behind them. We like that! They have happy hour specials too. Bring your birthday party guests here on your party bus to have lots of fun, plenty of room to fit everyone and you'll have no dull moments here!

El Adobe | 8284 North Saginaw | Genesee, MI 48458 | (810) 686-1226
So much food, we know our stomachs can only stretch so far with all these delicious choices at El Adobe. You can get a meal or order a la carte with appetizers and sides just pouring off the menu with so many to choose from. We almost want to bring our own Tupperware because we know we will not be able to finish all of our food, filling up on the homemade chips and salsa along with some out of this world bean dip! We have to keep coming here – we're determined to eat our way through this menu! To top it all off, the prices are right!

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