Flint Party Bus Swartz Creek Destinations

B&T Pizza Plus | 9061 Miller Rd | Swartz Creek MI 48473 | 810-635-3888
Hand tossed pizza just like the good old days here at B&T Pizza Plus in Swartz Creek. We can tell that extra time and care is given to these very yummy and fresh pizza pies. The other menu items are equally as tasty like fall off the bone ribs, lasagna that's so good we could just eat the meat sauce with a huge bowl and a serving spoon, and their own recipe for fish and chips with homemade coleslaw that pairs up with it! We always make sure we get some type of salad and always get their homemade ranch dressing. We could drink it in a glass it’s so good. Love it all!

Dave's Pizzeria & Family Restaurant | 8013 Miller Rd | Swartz Creek MI 48473 | 810-635-3030
A reasonably priced pizza joint to take the whole family to sit down and have a meal together! Dave’s Pizzeria and Family Restaurant fits the bill. We knew this place had to be good because the wait to get in was insane! We happily report that we are not disappointed. Classic pizza and the other typical items served are what this place is all about, nothing fancy but it all tastes good. Bring the party bus people here, they have room to fit them but calling ahead is recommended to avoid a lengthy wait. Good to hit before going out into the night to get your party on... something to help absorb the toxins.

Country Carriage Restaurant | 9237 Miller Rd | Swartz Creek MI 48473 | 810-635-2431
Breakfast is the best at Country Carriage Restaurant. Our brains overfill with happiness just looking at our bowls of sausage gravy... it looks almost too good to eat! Of course we must, and boy, now we are gushing over every bite that hits our mouths, chewing slowly to savor every bit. We also order an omelet to go along with this bowl of joy, and we enjoy that as well. Straightforward home cooking – just the kind we picture someone’s grandma standing over the stove and toiling over. Nice clean place with a friendly staff.

China Star | 9061 Miller Rd | Swartz Creek MI 48473 | 810-630-8889
The China Star is a shining star in the Chinese food restaurant scene in this area. Eat in or take out... we give it 5 stars! The clean comfortable atmosphere with a helpful polite staff is always going to be a keeper in our eyes. No MSG here folks, but the food is still bursting with flavor from natural spices and ingredients. If you are on a diet, they even have a special menu of steamed entrees to keep you on track with your weight loss goals! China Star, please continue to shine on and don’t ever change! We like you just the way you are!

Hank and Don’s Tavern | 8006 Miller Rd | Swartz Creek MI 48473 | (810) 635-7788
Bring all the cool kids in the party limo to Hank and Don’s Tavern. This is a joint to get some delicious huge portioned food and get your drink on at the same time. So big that you can either split a meal or have definite leftovers for the following day. We went for the chicken noodle soup – homemade and some of the best we’ve ever had. We also indulged in their burger, what else goes best with an icy cold beer in pub like atmosphere? Yum and yummier... Totally cured our beef and beer craving!

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