Flint Party Bus Rogersville Destinations

The Classic Coney Island | 7471 North Genesee Road | Genesee, MI 48437 | (810) 640-1595
When we have early morning Flint Party Bus travelers who are seeking a great breakfast in the Rogersville and Genesee area, we always encourage them to try The Classic Coney Island. The breakfasts are simply out of this world, with the freshest and fluffiest eggs you'll ever taste, wonderfully cooked bacon that is just overflowing with flavor, and some of the most perfect golden hash browns that you will ever try. They've got wonderful coffee and they're quick with the refills, not to mention tending to all your other needs. Wonderful ambiance and the best service around!

McDonald's | 7370 N Genesee Rd | Genesee, MI 48437 | (810) 640-2749
There's not a whole lot that can be said about McDonald's that you don't already know, but this location is such a popular one with Flint Party Bus customers who are passing through this area that we felt it should be included on our list of recommendations! Beyond the usual hamburgers and fries, if you're not usually a McDonald's kind of person, you might not know that they also have really good coffee branded under the McCafe name, including seasonal pumpkin spice lattes and peppermint mochas. It's also a good spot to stop in to use their free wi-fi as well! Nice!

Maria's Restaurant | 5466 N Genesee Rd | Flint, MI 48506 | (810) 250-9935
Maria's Restaurant is a Mexican establishment conveniently located on North Genesee Road in Flint, just perfect for your travels in Rogersville. The prices are very affordable here and we especially enjoy the quiet and casual atmosphere. There's more than enough room here for your party bus groups and they do accept credit cards, so it makes payment very easy. This is great for dining in or for carryout on the party bus. The chicken fajita burrito is one of our go-to items and they've even got delicious coney dogs and hamburgers here! What a nice variety. Excellent service too!

Genesis Coney Island Family Dining | 5023 E Mount Morris Rd | Genesee, MI 48437 | (810) 640-3331
Another nice choice for a Coney Island restaurant in the Rogersville and Genesee area is Genesis Coney Island Family Dining. While the Flint Party Bus staff has not actually had the pleasure of visiting this one personally, we've heard plenty of great things about it from all of our party bus customers who have gone there! They've got all your classic favorites here, including delicious coney dogs, foot long coney islands, yummy salads, and even gyros that are so packed with flavor that you won't be able to get enough! Very nice service that's fast and friendly too. Highly recommended!

Ms Smitty's Diner | 7282 N Genesee Rd | Genesee, MI 48437 | (810) 640-1253
Ms Smitty's Diner is another one of those classic old fashioned diner types of restaurants that Flint Party Bus customers always ask their chauffeur to take them to when they're traveling with us. As with the previous restaurant, we haven't had a chance to visit it ourselves yet, but the things that we have heard about it from our Flint Party Bus customers has us feeling comfortable enough to recommend it to you! We've heard lots about their fresh and delicious salads with homemade dressing, delicious sandwiches and pasta entrees, and great breakfasts and coffee too!

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