Flint Party Bus Richfield Center Destinations

Whitey's Restaurant & Take Out | 109 N State Rd | Davison, MI 48423 | (810) 653-6666
Whitey's Restaurant & Take Out is a classic choice in the Richfield Center and Davison area! Flint Party Bus customers are always raving about the great service that they receive here and the fact that they don't have to pay a crazy amount to get it! Not only can you get a really great lunch or dinner here, but you can also have whatever drink your little ol' heart desires, thanks to their full bar. They specialize in seafood here, and with more than 60 years in business, they definitely know what they're doing! They've got a nice salad bar here too where you can fill up on fresh goodness!

Helena's Original El Charrito's | 201 E Mill St | Davison, MI 48423 | (810) 658-9308
Helena's Original El Charrito's is THE go-to spot in Richfield Center and Davison for really wonderful Mexican food! You can come in any time of day for brunch, lunch, dinner, or dessert! The vibe here is actually quite intimate and romantic, though there's more than enough room for your party bus groups here too! They've got a wet beef burrito that is absolutely irresistible, a golden chicken taco that we can never get enough of, and even a seafood burrito that we could just rave about all day! The only downside to this place is that they don't have a liquor license! Other than that, it's perfection!

Archie's Family Restaurant | 625 N State Rd | Davison, MI 48423 | (810) 653-9697
Archie's Family Restaurant is a great choice for a delicious family style dinner when you're traveling in Richfield Center and Davison with Flint Party Bus. The prices are very cheap here and they do accept credit cards. The vibe is casual and cool and you can even enjoy their outdoor seating when the weather is warm enough for it! They've got some of the best desserts around, including pumpkin pie and banana cream pie that you just won't be able to resist. The fact that they're open 24 hours means that this is a very popular after-bar spot, especially for our Flint Party Bus groups!

The Pizza Company | 8435 Davison Rd | Davison, MI 48423 | (810) 658-9333
There's nothing fancy about The Pizza Company... they've got the same decor that they've had forever, but we don't mind it because they keep the focus on the food, right where it should be! The breadsticks are just as good as the pizza, and we just love to dip both of those in their yummy ranch! The people who work here are very friendly and they're always welcoming to our Flint Party Bus customers when they come in. The bacon cheddar pizza is a really standout choice and the barbecue chicken is also a nice choice of topping! Nice Greek and antipasto salads too! Great for pickup!

El Rio Ondo Valle | 7498 Davison Rd | Davison, MI 48423 | (810) 412-5012
Another one of Flint Party Bus's favorite Mexican restaurants in the Richfield Center and Davison area is El Rio Ondo Valle. This quiet and relaxing restaurant is just great for Tex-Mex lovers who can't get enough of their spicy favorites! The carnitas are a must-have as far as we're concerned and we've always loved their rice and beans too. The barbacoa and chimichangas are very good as well! There's not really adequate room for groups here, but it's perfect for picking up a huge bag of carryout to enjoy on the party bus with all of your friends. Reasonable prices make it even more worthwhile!

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