Flint Party Bus Pine Run Destinations

Victor & Merek's Deli Bakery & Pizzeria | 12190 Market Pl Dr | Birch Run, MI 48415 | (989) 624-3354
Our top recommendation in the Pine Run and Birch Run area is Victor & Merek's Deli Bakery & Pizzeria! They've just got everything here and everyone in your party bus group will be so satisfied! The prices are super low, there's really pleasant outdoor seating to enjoy when the summer weather beckons you out there, and they've got a nice beer and wine selection for you as well! There's actually a wine and beer market here too, and even a tasting area. How nice! For your meal, we'd recommend the pizza, the asiago turkey sandwich, or any one of their fresh and crisp salads!

Gina's | 766 Chamberlain St | Flushing, MI 48433 | (810) 659-4281
Gina's is another top spot for pizza in the Pine Run and Flushing area. The prices are rock-bottom low here and there's more than enough room to accommodate most Flint Party Bus groups! There are televisions here so you'll be able to watch your sporting events and they've got beer and wine here too, which pair so perfectly with a slice or two of gooey pizza! The breadsticks are actually so delicious that we'd be tempted to rate them even higher than the pizza! But they're both stellar. We could just go on and on about the high quality of everything, including the service!

Tony's I-75 Restaurant | 8781 Main St | Birch Run, MI 48415 | (989) 624-5860
Tony's I-75 Restaurant is one of those classic divey diners that Flint Party Bus travelers really love, but the thing that really sets this place apart from every other joint on the map is the HUGE portions. And we do mean huge! The plates are like serving platters and the portions are probably four or five times what you would get at any other restaurant! If you don't want to take a whole lot of carryout leftovers with you, you'll want to share your meal with a friend (or two or three!). Ignore that warning at your own peril! ;) The BLT features a whole pound of bacon. Indulge if you dare!

Exit Restaurant | 9143 Birch Run Rd | Birch Run, MI 48415 | (989) 624-9652
Exit Restaurant is a unique place to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner when you're traveling in Pine Run and Birch Run with Flint Party Bus. It's casual and cool here with a full bar and televisions to watch the game or keep up on the day's headlines. You'll love the hamburgers and wings here. We've enjoyed the breadsticks and mozzarella cheese sticks too! The fact that this isn't just a restaurant, but also a bakery, fudge shop, and gift shop, only makes it cooler and more of an essential stop when in this area! Our fave thing on the menu? Definitely the seafood platter! Be sure to try it!

A&W at the Outlets | 12200 Market Place Dr | Birch Run, MI 48415 | (989) 624-2155
Who doesn't love a visit to A&W with Flint Party Bus? Especially when it's A&W at the Outlets of Birch Run. Everybody knows that a day at the outlets can be pretty taxing, and you'll want to fill up on some old fashioned favorites when it's all over, like classic footlong coney dogs, creamy root beer floats that cool you off on a long hot day, and maybe some greasy French fries or melt-in-your-mouth cheese curds! All these classic favorites are yours to be had when you visit this location, and they'll all be served with a smile and genuine care. Such a friendly staff here. Just wonderful!

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