Flint Party Bus Otisville Destinations

Biggies Pizza | 377 N State Rd | Otisville, MI 48463 | (810) 631-2777
Biggies Pizza is an old standard when it comes to Flint Party Bus travel in Otisville! It's pretty much the go-to spot! The prices are super cheap and the pizza is off the chain! We love the stromboli here and the Italian subs are worth getting too! You can just call them up and place a huge order for you and your party bus group, and then have your chauffeur pull right up and pick up some of the hottest and most delicious pizza and sandwiches that you have ever tasted! The folks who work here are super friendly and you'll always be glad that you chose Biggies for your Flint Party Bus trip!

Oties Bar & Grill | 229 S State Rd | Otisville, MI 48463 | (810) 631-4515
Just as the previous mentioned establishment is the go-to place for pizza in this area, when our Flint Party Bus customers are here to drink and relax with friends, they always opt for Oties Bar & Grill. Frankly, there aren't that many bars around here, and there just don't need to be, because Oties has it covered! They have a really huge menu of delicious items to choose from, and a pretty nice selection of beer, wine, and spirits so that you can enjoy just about any cocktail under the sun. We especially love the club sandwiches here! Wonderful staff and just so pleasant every time!

Subway | 107 E Main St | Otisville, MI 48463 | (810) 374-6555
Subway is always a great choice when you're traveling with Flint Party Bus in Otisville! It's a quick stop where you can either go in with a smaller party bus group to dine, or just call ahead and pick up a huge bag of subs and salads to enjoy on the bus! As you're well aware, the food is always super fresh here and there are plenty of healthy choices for those who have specific health needs. On the flipside, if you want to really indulge and have something gooey and cheesy and just live it up, you can do that too! The Italian BMT is always a good one and the meatball subs are delicious!

Arlene's Diner | 101 E Main St | Otisville, MI 48463 | (810) 631-6755
We haven't got much information on Arlene's Diner in Otisville because we haven't personally visited it ourselves, but we have it on good authority from our Flint Party Bus customers that this is a reliable place to enjoy a home cooked meal and spend some time chatting and relaxing with your party bus friends. We're told that the service is always friendly and that they keep it very clean and tidy here. An old fashioned vibe really caps things off nicely here, giving you that old fashioned diner feel that so many Flint Party Bus customers are after. How could we not recommend a place that sounds so good?

McDonald's | 213 N State Rd | Otisville, MI 48463 | (810) 631-4044
There's not much that we can tell you about McDonald's that you don't likely already know, but we had to put this specific location on our list of recommendations for Flint Party Bus customers in Otisville because so many of our customers ask us to stop there! It's no longer just a place to go for burgers and fries. They've got fresh premium salads, nice chicken sandwiches, and even all their McCafe offerings that put up some pretty decent competition for Starbucks and other coffee houses! Their seasonal drinks, like pumpkin spice lattes and white chocolate peppermint mochas, are always a great reason to stop in!

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