Flint Party Bus Mundy Destinations

Taboon at the Valley | 3393 S Linden Rd | Flint MI 48507 | 810-720-0336
Where to begin... how we love Taboon at the Valley... allow us to count the ways! The homemade pita bread is so fluffy and light, we're surprised gravity can hold it down. We make sure every last bit finds its way into our mouths before the main course shows up. But first we eat the lentil soup, with just the right texture and taste. Just bring us the kettle from the kitchen with a ladle! So, onto the chicken... moist, tender, seasoned perfectly, and such a large portion! We questioned how we actually ate all the food. The best garlic paste ever accompanied all this... Yumo!

Redwood Lodge | 5304 Gateway Center Dr | Flint MI 48507 | 810-233-8000
This has to be one of the most happening places in Flint. There’s so much going on that all your party bus friends will beg you to stop at Redwood Lodge. The place has room to fit everyone you bring and if you come on the weekends, there are live local bands playing for your listening pleasure. This is separate from the steakhouse dining area, so you can also enjoy your meal in a quieter setting if you prefer. Single malt scotch was a highlight for us. We threw back a couple while we were there enjoying our Pork Osso Bucco, some of the best we’ve ever had. One of our highest recommendations!

The Golden Moon | 4527 Miller Rd | Flint MI 48507 | 810-733-7030
We dig the elaborate retro 70s décor at The Golden Moon – it’s the prelude to some of the best Chinese food in the entire city of Flint. The fried wonton wrappers that they start you out with, just like potato chips and equally good if not better, have the same principle... you cannot just eat one! We ate many of these crispy, fresh delights. Thai Chicken came next, spiced just right, the chicken cooked just perfectly, and so much that we had leftovers for our witching hour snack. Fast friendly service with nice prices to go along with it. Perfect!

Brick Street Bar & Grille | 1223 E Grand Blanc Rd | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-603-2114
It's time to party down and bring your party peeps on the party bus to Brick Street Bar and Grille. They sport a full bar, live music and outdoor patio to eat drink and be merry on. The lobster ravioli ruled our palates – this stuff had a red vodka cream sauce that was so rich and decadent, it bordered on being sinful. Why not take it right over the top with a slice of gourmet cheesecake, like this lavish delight they named Greatful Cherry... Chocolate, cherries, amaretto... Do we need to say more? Not likely!

Thompson Creek Turkey Farm | 2160 W Hill Rd | Flint MI 48507 | 810-234-5444
Gobble Gobble... Turkey is what this whole eatery is about at Thompson Creek Turkey Farm. Every which way imaginable to cook and create turkey into a meal is what these folks do best. You can overdose into a whole 'nother Thanksgiving celebration meal any day of the year or just go for something a little lighter like a turkey croissant, wrap, sub, burger, etc. They also can put together party trays for your special occasions. There is also a buffet now where kids under six eat for free. You cannot beat! All of the above makes this a great place to bring your family for affordable and healthy eating.

Puerto Vallarta | 3192 S Linden Rd | Flint MI 48507 | 810-733-0212
We didn’t think we could get authentic Mexican food this good in a strip mall setting! We thought we accidentally boarded a cruise ship and headed on vacation to Puerto Vallarta. Homemade salsa, creamy queso dip and the best blue margarita we’ve ever put up to our lips and let slide on down our throats is all available at this joint. Fab prices, great and super speedy wait staff and kitchen staff, as well as a clean and casual dining experience. You can also order carry out for the same delish food in the comfort of your own home. Love it!

Alexander J's Smokehouse | 5490 Fenton Rd | Flint MI 48507 | 810-715-9137
This is definitely a destination for the party bus goers. This place has a full bar and is open till 2am for your enjoyment. They have pool, darts and a few other games including a pin ball machine, so there should be no complaints from your group about being bored. This is not your typical bbq place atmosphere but the food is all about that southern barbeque style. We dug into these things they called burnt ends which they claim is primo in the bbq world. All we can say is... they aren't lying! Who knew a plate of something that appears to be an afterthought or a leftover could be so damn good?

Bar Louie | 4360 Miller Rd | Flint MI 48507 | 810-600-1500
Woo hoo... Bring your party limo here to Bar Louie, open till 2am every night. It seemed to us that they had every liquor on earth along with a great beer and wine selection as well. Check out Tuesdays at this place where you can get your hands and mouth around a burger that will only cost you one George Washington. Cool up to date atmosphere with a super hip and friendly staff. All that makes us want to come back all the time to make this our new all-time favorite hangout. Outdoor seating in good weather tops it off!

Canton Chinese Restaurant | 5313 Fenton Rd | Flint MI 48507 | 810-232-8710
Looking for a Chinese place that steps up their game in the Chinese food arena in Flint? Look no further than Canton Chinese Restaurant. Flavorful, high quality food for so cheap, we feel like we should give them a couple extra bucks because it’s worth so much more than what they charge. It’s a secret little gem that not quite everyone must know about yet because if they did, this place would be packed day in and day out. The pan fried dumplings with General Tso’s chicken makes us want to squeal like little girls at a Big Time Rush concert. It's that good!

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers | 4141 Miller Rd | Flint MI 48507 | 810-733-8505
One of the best chain restaurant burgers in the whole entire state is at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers. Big melty bacon burger and bottomless steak fries, oh my! The server just keeps those French fries coming – we didn’t think there was a potato left in the great state of Idaho after we finished off a few baskets of those hot, delicious, seasoned beauties. We barely managed to finish off our burger when the server tried to bring us a box but we waved it off. Our drinks were also promptly refilled with our super-efficient and happy server as well. A+ dining experience!

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