Flint Party Bus Montrose Destinations

Uno's Pizzeria | 8925 Market Place Dr | Birch Run MI 48415 | 989-624-8667
This considerably large pizzeria can fit all your limo bus friends in it, but it is highly advisable to make a reservation. This place can fill up fast, especially on the weekends with the outlet shoppers starving after a full day of shopping. Full bar, fun décor, best deep dish pizza in a many miles radius adds up to a fun time to be had by all. They also have big screens to catch your favorite sporting event too. Soups, salads and even steak round out the menu just in case someone isn’t in the mood for a pizza. But is that even possible? We don’t think so.

Victor & Merek's Deli, Bakery, & Pizzeria | 12190 Market Place Dr | Birch Run MI 48415 | 989-624-3354
A welcome change to the mostly chain restaurants that surround this mecca of outlet shopping is Victor and Merek’s Deli, Bakery and Pizzeria. It’s casual dining for lunch or an early dinner that fills you up without taking away from your shopping budget, plus it gives you more energy to hit more stores. We were even able to grab a quick drink or beer at their liquor station. Random wine bottles placed around gives this place a quirky feel that we enjoy in our dining experience. They have fresh food, clean atmosphere... and carryout is part of this place too. Good deal!

Joe's Garage Sports Pub | 6468 W Vienna Rd | Clio MI 48420 | 810-686-1100
Alright now... Bring the party bus here for a totally rocking time at Joe’s Garage Sports Pub. You can park your rear on a comfy leather couch to catch any sporting event you may be interested in. Live music rocks the house on the weekends, with a dance floor to shake booty on. Full menu chock full of food items that will make your stomach happy and to give you more stamina to take on the golf and hunting simulator. Boredom is virtually impossible at this venue. Friday and Saturday this place keeps going like the energizer bunny till 2:00 AM.

Twin's Pizza, Pasta, & More | 4195 W Vienna Rd | Clio MI 48420 | 810-686-4100
Bring the crew in our party limo here to Twin’s Pizza, Pasta and More and reserve their banquet room to have your own private party. Order any pizza on the menu with the cheese filled crust. You will not be sorry when you bite into that cheesy goodness surrounded by some of the best dough ever. We made sure to get an order of their zacky bread too. So many to choose from but all involve garlic and butter. Except for the cinnamon bread ones, that is – they leave off the garlic on those, thankfully. YUMO! So many choices at this place, we barely could make a decision, but it was impossible to try it all in one visit, so we will definitely be back. So should you!

Oriental Express | 4254 W Vienna Rd | Clio MI 48420 | 810-687-9168
It’s a divey hole in the wall Chinese food, carry in or out with Oriental Express. This place is for when you just want the basic bare bones goodness of getting your Chinese food craving satisfied for under ten bucks. Big portions that we can’t normally finish, but we enjoy having leftovers the following day or for a midnight snack on the party bus! Our favorite dish at this place is the chicken fried rice. The desserts sounded intriguing so we went for it. This stuff called sticky rice coconut ice cream turned out to be something we absolutely enjoyed. We will hit this eatery again!

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