Flint Party Bus Linden Destinations

Beirut Restaurant & Grocery | 117 N Bridge St | Linden MI 48451 | 810-735-8070
Where else can you do your Middle Eastern grocery shopping and get some of the most delicious Lebanese meals ever? Only at Beirut Restaurant and Grocery. Eating here makes us feel renewed, like we are putting truly healthy natural food in our mouths that's ever so tasty at the same time. Crisp, green salads with quality ingredients that make us realize you can do your body a favor by filling it with delicious food that is good for you! Don’t forget all that incredible garlic, something else to keep your body well-tuned and keep those vampires away at the same time.

Buffalo Wild Wings | 3190 W Silver Lake Rd | Fenton MI 48430 | 810-629-0099
Most people normally only think of Buffalo Wild Wings for their boneless deep fried chicken, but after exploring the menu, you'll discover so many other amazing choices to try. This will satisfy your party bus goers with something that should suit everyone’s taste even if everyone can’t agree on what sports team to root for! We decided to go with the grilled chicken buffalitos – two soft flour tortillas with grilled chicken, lettuce, pico de gallo, a blend of cheeses, sour cream and your favorite Buffalo Wild Wings sauce or dry seasoning. We went for the dry to be different than usual and this is now a new favorite!

Fenton Deli | 15258 Silver Pkwy | Fenton MI 48430 | 810-433-0712
Hit this local deli aptly named Fenton Deli to get great quality sandwiches and large portions for affordable prices. One of our favorites was the turkey guacamole. We were nearly rendered speechless at how much flavor could be in one lunchtime treat. The soup was heaven on a spoon with every drop, piping hot and homemade. Owners are friendly, giving you a reason besides the food to come back. Support your local businesses and skip the usual chain eatery fare. Great place to bring the kids! Carry out available as well with the same tremendous food and service.

Lucky's Steak House | 17500 Silver Pkwy | Fenton MI 48430 | 810-750-1400
Bring on the beef! That is our motto for Lucky’s Steak House. But, first bring on that salad and bread before carving up one of the biggest and best steaks that you are ever going to consume. We like the attention to detail on everything they serve. We knew it would make us almost rip the seams of our jeans but we just had to dive into this stuff they call baked potato soup with a homemade crouton on the top! It was so worth it! Plus, bring your party bus crowd here. They have the room and the food to please everyone!

Mancino's | 4019 Owen Rd | Fenton MI 48430 | 810-714-2000
We are completely in love with Mancino’s grinders, but we figured they've got to make other items on the menu that will make us want to go there over and over. And you know what? They do. Look out and gang way when we are trying to get through the door to pick up our pizza. Not just any pizza but chicken Alfredo pizza pie. The sauce should be illegal, it’s so decadent, along with bacon and mushrooms that come to this taste bud party. You also have a choice between regular and thin crust, and who doesn’t love those options? Wow!

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