Flint Party Bus Lake Orion Destinations

Sagebrush Cantina | 28 S Broadway | Lake Orion, MI 48362 | (248) 693-0100
Sagebrush Cantina is a nice upscale Mexican bar and restaurant that is very conveniently located for our Flint Party Bus travelers in the Lake Orion area. They've got lots of space for your larger party bus groups and we think that you'll really enjoy the casual vibe here with all of your party bus buddies. The chicken rice soup is one of the greatest things on the menu as far as we're concerned, and we just love to pair that with a hearty helping of chips and salsa as well as one of their specialty margaritas! They've got a very nice selection of beer as well, not to mention their tequila, scotch, and vodka selections! Very impressive overall and highly recommended!

Sala Thai BK | 335 S Broadway St | Lake Orion, MI 48362 | (248) 693-1398
Thai food lovers that travel with Flint Party Bus in the Lake Orion area really love heading out to Sala Thai BK for some of their favorite appetizers and entrees! The pad ped is one of our top favorites on their extensive menu, and we also go wild for their drunken noodles. The gang gai is also quite sensational, and even the classic standard pad thai will absolutely knock your socks off. They've got a flat screen here for those big game nights, and when there's no sports happening, sometimes they'll play a movie or just the day's headlines. You'll certainly enjoy the cozy ambiance here and the wonderful service that you'll receive as well.

Broadway Grill | 453 S Broadway St | Lake Orion, MI 48362 | (248) 690-9141
Broadway Grill is a fabulous little American restaurant that brings you some exciting flavors from across the pond too, including Italian and Greek! Not only do they have an extensive menu that covers just about everything that you and your party could ever want, but they also have a full bar for your complete enjoyment. The fish and chips are one of the best dishes around and we're really big fans of their stuffed salmon. That's something that you don't find everywhere! They have wonderful drink specials on Saturdays that will help you to save money while also enjoying sipping margaritas, mimosas, and bloody marys! Not just at brunch, but all day!

Valentino's Italian Grill | 185 S Broadway St | Lake Orion, MI 48362 | (248) 814-1100
Another one of Flint Party Bus's favorite places for Italian fare in the Lake Orion area would be Valentino's Italian Grill. This is a very wise choice for you if you really want to fill up on delicious pasta and pizza in a really beautiful setting. It's casual and quiet and the prices are in the affordable range. The best part is that everything is freshly made in-house here. No pre-made noodles or any of that, so it's a whole new experience for those that are used to all the Italian chain restaurants! The gnocchi is one of our favorite dishes to order here. There's a full bar as well, and we just love to pair a perfect martini with our pasta. Love it here! Very highly recommended.

CJ's Village Cafe | 21 W Flint St | Lake Orion, MI 48362 | (248) 693-8704
CJ's Village Cafe began as a breakfast establishment and it has evolved into a complete dining experience as time has gone on. It's large and easily able to accommodate your big Flint Party Bus groups, and since there's a full bar and a loud and lively atmosphere, you'll all feel right at home here. The chicken salad sandwich is one of our favorite lunch options and we're huge fans of the mushroom soup. What a perfect combination! As they're known for their breakfasts, it can be quite crowded in the early hours, but it's worth braving the crowds because you simply will not find a better breakfast anywhere in town. They keep the coffee flowing too!

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