Flint Party Bus Huntingtown Destinations

El Cozumel Mexican Grill | 4190 E Court St | Burton, MI 48509 | (810) 715-4426
El Cozumel Mexican Grill is Flint Party Bus's top choice when it comes to Mexican fare in the Huntingtown and Burton area! Our customers always enjoy being dropped off there to enjoy some fresh homemade chips and salsa, super cheesy quesadillas, delectable tamales with mole sauce, and really incredible veggie fajitas! There's really something here for everybody in your Flint Party Bus party, and you can even feed your whole group without having to spend an arm and a leg. It's really affordable here. The service is really personable and kind. An overall excellent dining experience!

Blindfish Grill | 1723 Demille Rd | Lapeer, MI 48446 | (810) 245-9091
Blindfish Grill is perhaps best known for their fish and chips, and that's certainly one of the top reasons that Flint Party Bus customers ask our professional chauffeurs to take them there! We've tried them ourselves, and boy are they delicious. You won't find TVs here for watching the game, but you will find a full bar so that you can enjoy all your favorite beers and cocktails, and there is plenty of room here for your party bus groups. The stuffed salmon is one of our favorite dishes and they've really got some of the very best salads that you will ever taste. Great service and ambiance too.

Moy Kong Express | 530 S Center Rd | Flint, MI 48506 | (810) 744-1470
Moy Kong Express will always be one of Flint Party Bus's top recommendations for Chinese food in the Huntingtown area. The sweet and sour chicken dinner is one of the things that they are best known for, and they've also got Mongolian chicken that will drive your tastebuds wild with pleasure. The locals really love this place for their fast service and wonderful food. It's quiet and pleasant, very nicely decorated, and the prices are nice and low so you can afford to feed your whole party bus group on the cheap. The only downside is that they don't serve alcohol here! But still a fantastic place!

Whitey's Restaurant & Take Out | 109 N State Rd | Davison, MI 48423 | (810) 653-6666
Whitey's Restaurant & Take Out is a classic in the Huntingtown and Davison area! With that old green awning that just invites you in so warmly, how could you resist stopping here when you're in town with Flint Party Bus? There's plenty of room for groups and the food is always so fresh and delicious. They're known for their seafood, with the fish and chips being the top item here. The salad bar is simple but nice and they keep the whole place very clean and pleasant. The service is very nice but can be a little bit slow when they're super busy. Still just a great place and they work really hard at it!

Steady Eddy's Cafe | 420 E Boulevard Dr | Flint, MI 48503 | (810) 235-1968
We just love the name of Steady Eddy's Cafe! This is one of the most popular places in the Huntingtown and Flint area for breakfast, brunch, and lunch. They've got more than enough room for your larger party bus groups here and they've surely got more than enough food to feed all of you! You'll be able to do it at a very nice price too. The vegetarian dishes are really nice here, probably helped along by all of the fresh ingredients that they can easily obtain at the farmers market downstairs! The classic BLT is one of our favorite things to have here, with avocado added! So delish!

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