Flint Party Bus Groveland Destinations

The Union Wood Shop | 18 Main | Clarkston, MI 48346 | 248-625-5660
This is a famous place that gets a whole lot of love from our Flint Party Bus customers in the Groveland area. This is both restaurant and bar, with the areas separated nicely, so you can choose where you want to sit and what kind of ambiance you want for your evening. The service is always friendly and helpful here, and they're quick to point you to something good if you can't make up your mind about food or drink. They are known for their barbecue choices here, and you cannot go wrong with the brisket, our favorite! They have delicious deep fried pickles and nice onion rings too! For dessert, try the butterscotch pudding with sea salt! Too delish to believe!

Clarkston Union Bar | 54 Main | Clarkston, MI 48346 | 248-620-6100
The locally renowned Clarkston Union Kitchen and Bar is one of the most unique places that you could ever choose to eat and drink in the Groveland area! That's because it's located in a former church. It really lends a special ambiance to your night that you simply will not find anywhere else. The macaroni and cheese is what they are known for here, and people come from miles and miles around just to dive into a warm delicious bowl of that! We highly recommend that you give it a try if you haven't already! You'll really fall in love with it. The outdoors seating is very nice here as well, and they've got an impressive selection of micro brews to choose from as well. Awesome!

Blackthorn Pub | 105 South Saginaw | Holly, MI 48442 | 248-369-8714
If an Irish pub is the type of establishment that you're looking for in the Groveland area for your trip with Flint Party Bus, Blackthorn Pub should be added to your itinerary right now! There's more than enough room here for even your largest party bus groups and they've got some of the best food for partygoers like yourself! They have one of the best beer selections in this area and you'll love pairing those with the incredible fish and chips that Blackthorn is known for. It's never greasy and it's so perfectly cooked and moist. The spicy burger is one of our top recommendations here and we know that you'll love it just as much as we do. Sensational all around!

The Hamlin Pub | 6397 Sashabaw Rd | Clarkston, MI 48346 | 248-922-1700
Hamlin Pub is another one of Flint Party Bus' top pubs in the Groveland area, conveniently located near the freeway and with one of the most pleasant atmospheres of any establishment in this area. We adore that huge classic building and the wonderful service that we receive when we're there. You'll find some of the lowest prices around, and that will make you feel very free to order lots of things for your party bus group to sample. The entire menu is full of delicious bar food that goes great with a cold beer, like burgers and pizza and fries. Their half-off pizza night is always a smart choice for party bus travelers and we also enjoy their wraps and sandwiches. The drinks are wonderful here no matter what kind of cocktails, beer, or wine you're into!

Historic Holly Hotel | 110 Battle Aly | Holly, MI 48442 | 248-634-5208
Historic Holly Hotel is not just a great place to stay in the Groveland area when you're traveling with Flint Party Bus, it's also a smart choice for dining and drinking, and you don't have to stay there to take advantage of that! This place is historic for many reasons, including just how famously great they are. The prices here are a little bit more on the pricey side, but that falls in line with what you'd expect, as it's very dressy and classy here. Romantic, even! You will not find televisions here, so it's not great for game night, and rather is a better choice for upscale celebrations with your loved ones. It's rumored to be haunted, so that's entertaining in and of itself, and they also offer stand up comedy for your entertainment as well!

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