Flint Party Bus Grand Blanc Destinations

Buffalo Wild Wings | 8251 Trillium Circle Ave | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-603-1299
At this location of Buffalo Wild Wings, if you get bored (which we doubt) there is always the option of catching a movie in the theatre next door, or after the movie, come eat the best wings in town with a frosty mug of cold beer. It does get crowded here, with the people who pour out of the movies in droves realizing popcorn is not a meal and wanting something stronger than a pop. So, you may want to plan your visit to this one by the movie times! The burgers actually are pretty fabulous too!

Luca's Chophouse | 12793 S Saginaw St | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-603-0380
Luca's Chophouse is highly touted for its steaks, which makes sense, but man oh man, do they ever bring on the world class seafood as well! We suggest bringing the party limo here, because there's room to accommodate your group for a classy night of dining to its fullest. We tried the tuna molla, a pan seared tuna with their signature apple horseradish sauce. Our mouths were having their own party with the flavor overload of this dish. And that, my friends, was only an appetizer. The Chilean sea bass was up next for dinner. It was cooked to utter perfection along with the sautéed vegetable topping, a must for any fresh fish lover. Highly recommended!

Crossbow Inn | 8185 Holly Rd | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-695-0720
Something about Crossbow Inn gives us an 80s vibe! How totally awesome would it be to bring your party bus here, full of your friends dressed like your favorite bands or singers from that era, with big hair and lots of accessories to start out your fun themed 80s party. Full bar and more than enough room to seat all of your "like, for sure, totally rad" group! And like that decade of excess, you can get big portions of quality meat to eat for your dining pleasure. The prices will make you go, "No way!" Yes, way… and all with a friendly demeanor too.

Nuevo Vallarta | 11225 S Saginaw St | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-695-1671
We say who needs spring break? It’s expensive and you cannot drink the water or you will end up not having a very fun vacation, so go to Nuevo Vallarta instead. No passport or airline ticket needed here. Just yourself, and maybe all those other broke people that wanted to go to Cancun, charter a party bus instead to this place! Feel like you went to Mexico in your own backyard, with authentic food and drinks that will make you want to jump up on your chair and sing! No sunblock needed but we can’t guarantee anything about not having a hangover.

Da Edoardo North | 8185 Holly Rd | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-694-1300
Da Edoardo North is a quiet place where we’ve enjoyed sitting outside with a pretty view when weather permits. It’s a classy upscale Italian place where you can dress up snazzy and not feel out of place. Our salmon in lobster sauce is a stand out along with a wilted baby spinach appetizer. Nice wine list with servers that actually know their stuff and suggested the correct one to go with our meals. They also have carryout just in case you just want some really good food without all the fuss… but seriously, the fuss is worth the dining experience here!

Little Joe's Restaurant | 11518 S Saginaw St | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-694-8391
Little Joe’s Restaurant is definitely the go to place in Grand Blanc to meet up with friends and family. Perhaps you should all just hit this comfortable dive pub with it’s warm and friendly atmosphere in your party bus instead, just in case you accidentally have one too many with all the fun that you are having. They have pizza, burgers, and an amazing selection of beers to wash it all down. One of their many specials is this thing they call Big Eddie’s Fish Sandwich. This special is no joke! Unless Eddie is a sumo wrestler, he could not be eating this by himself. Enough for two and ever so good!

Sophia's Kitchen | 11395 S Saginaw St | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-695-8555
We understand why Sophia’s Kitchen, with all of its many breakfast choices, got voted Best Breakfast in 2010. The omelet selection is not to be missed. The combinations are endless with choices such as Irish, Spanish and Philly to only name a few. We dug the Philly with its shaved rib eye steak, yes we said steak in an omelet and man were we ever hooked! We could eat that one every time we come but so many others are calling our names. The fish and chips are famously tasty here too. The staff is so good looking, they could have their own reality show on the TV food channel!

Chutney Bazaar | 5454 Perry Rd | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-603-1499
Wonder no more where you can get authentic Indian food in Grand Blanc, this would be at Chutney Bazaar. Full menu along with a grocery store attached if you want to try your hand at making this yummy stuff at home. A great place if you are vegetation to get delicious food with tons of spicy flavor. We meat eaters love it for the same reason. For those of us who are brave, there are lamb and goat choices, but for you non-adventurous food types, they have chicken readily available that's prepared in the same awesome way.

Hot Dog Stand | 11338 S Saginaw St | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-695-7597
We feel like we are in an SNL skit from the 70s with John Belushi when we visit this old fashioned eatery they call simply Hot Dog Stand. Recall how that spot only had cheeseburgers and Pepsi? Well this place basically only has hotdogs and root beer. The name does not lie! If you do not like hot dogs, don’t eat there, because they don’t have much else on the menu. But wait... don’t stop reading yet! They have the best chili dog you are ever going to eat in your entire life served with homemade root beer that will blow your tastebuds away, it’s so good! Served to you in your car by girls on roller skates... too cool! A Grand Blanc classic.

Roly Poly | 545 E Grand Blanc Rd | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-695-0042
The right name for this eatery is Roly Poly with their most amazing sandwiches rolled to perfection! Hot pressed or cold rolled, we like these sweet things either way. This is a great lunch time alternative to chowing fast food when you can get this almost as quickly but without the grease and 50 trillion calories. The soup and salad round out the menu. They complete a balanced meal for your eating enjoyment. You can have them cater as well. They can bring box lunches to your place of employment for a meeting or even send a party platter depending on the event!

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