Flint Party Bus Goodrich Destinations

Cranberries Cafe | 10250 Hegel Rd | Goodrich MI 48438 | 810-636-3409
The building that houses Cranberries Cafe is from 1917 and still has original items like the tin ceiling and part of the floor as part of its current décor. Vintage feel to this place but the food is all modern, fresh and tasty along with a full bar. A cute place to take your significant other in a party limo for date night. Especially when the delicious martinis just start going down your throat way too smoothly, you know will need a driver. Cranberries' spinach salad is just bursting with flavor with every tasty bite. It’s so good on its own but you can also add chicken to it as well, you carnivores!

John's Steak House Pizzeria & Lounge | 8038 S State Rd | Goodrich MI 48438 | 810-636-2175
The most casual steak house we’ve ever encountered. The red and white checked tablecloths give it a more traditional pizzeria style dining feel. This establishment has been in the area since 1955, making this one of the classics. This is truly fine food they serve. A restaurant can't stick around that long without doing something right! Great place to take a tight knit group and play pass the plate so everyone can try a little bit off the others dish. The portions of food barely fit on the tables, which made our pants almost rip after filling up on all these wonderful yummy foods. Good stuff for a party bus trip or any time!

Bull Ring Restaurant & Lounge | 8234 S State Rd | Goodrich MI 48438 | 810-636-2420
We are calling on our party bus customers to make a stop at this fun, non-fussy local joint called Bull Ring Restaurant and Lounge. You can get your groove on dancing to the house deejay as well as belting out your favorite tune during karaoke on both Friday and Saturday nights. We also filled ourselves up on the place’s signature dish, the wet burrito that has been around for 30 years... as long as this place has been open! Now that's staying power. After the first forkful, we understood why. Man that is one awesome dish! They even have a pick up window for carryout. Talk about handy!

Mama Maria's | 969 S Ortonville Rd | Ortonville MI 48462 | 248-627-4955
It almost makes us cry how incredible everything is in this slice of heaven on earth at Mama Maria’s. All the dishes are made from scratch, even the most delectable garlic sauce to dip our piping hot breadsticks in. This is a cute, quaint, clean place where the owner actually came up to our table to ask how we liked our meals. Seriously? In this day and age of bad customer service, we almost passed out and hit the floor in shock. And, to top it off, they cater this same amazing food, even if it was just to a party we were going to have at our home. We had to pinch ourselves to see if we were truly awake or dreaming of this place. Gotta love it.

MacPhee's Restaurant & Lounge | 650 S Ortonville Rd | Ortonville MI 48462 | 248-627-2891
OMG… we nearly overdosed on these endless wonders that MacPhee’s Restaurant and Lounge call breadsticks! Free and fresh with any entrée on the menu, we were sure the coroner would find us dead on the floor of this place with one of these delights sticking out of our mouths. You can also get these to go by themselves for not much moolah. They're so good that they almost overshadow everything else on the menu, though we have to tell you that everything they serve is just as amazing and mouthwateringly good! You can order cheese dip to accompany these babies to take it right over the top! The Scottish theme of this eatery is unique and different than anything in the area as well. Awesome spot anytime.

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