Flint Party Bus Genesee Destinations

Wah Nam Restaurant | 4492 Richfield Rd | Genesee MI 48437 | 810-743-7470
Buddha greets us at the door of Wah Nam Restaurant, almost like a guarantee we are going to get the most sumptuous Chinese food ever. Trust us, it is. This is just a cozy little place with typical Chinese fare but when it’s made this well that is all that matters. Dine in or out, the staff is super quick and pleasant at the same time. We love those qualities in any restaurant. This is casual dining at its best. Good place to take the kids too. Good times to be had by all that come to this eatery.

The Classic Coney Island | 7471 N Genesee Rd | Genesee MI 48437 | 810-640-1595
A coney island that caters? How fun is that? It’s an option at The Classic Coney Island. Chowing chili dogs at a wedding shower? The guys you would invite would be stoked on that concept. Even better for a bachelor party! We love the warm inviting atmosphere of this place which is family friendly too. Vast menu with choices any time of day you want to step in. They offer many wholesome food choices with breakfast, lunch and dinner creations that aim to please even the pickiest eater. Room to accommodate your large party bus group if you want to stop by to grab something before your night out on the town begins.

La Villa Restaurant & Pizzeria | 8372 N Saginaw Rd | Mount Morris MI 48458 | 810-686-0107
Consistency is the key here at La Villa Restaurant and Pizzeria, every time we visit, we are assured our food is going to be prepared and taste the same exact way. It’s nice to know you can trust and have confidence in a place to that degree. Our pizza, utterly amazing with it’s mozzarella stretching out so far from the slice to our mouths, we almost need to get up and move to the other side of the dining area give it more room to grow. Obviously, the pizza would be enough to fill us, but the lasagna is so incredible, we have to order that too!

Happy's Pizza | 3147 N Dort Hwy | Flint MI 48506 | 810-744-2222
Happy’s Pizza gives you a change from the usual chain pizzerias with it’s offerings. Spicy pizza choices such as Spicy Hawaiian and something they call Spicy Special with triple pepperoni, double sausage, onions, lots of cheese & double baked too, holy moly, we are drooling all over ourselves just thinking about it. We find it really cool that they have hotdogs on the menu and not just some ordinary hotdog with relish and catsup… you can get their Happy Dogs with names such as Jersey Slaw Dog and Cleveland Polish Boy just to name a few. Deliciously made with Nathan’s famous hot dogs, we are in love.

El Adobe | 8284 N Saginaw St | Genesee MI 48458 | 810-686-1226
Just pull up with your party limo to the drive thru of El Adobe and get your food fix without ever stepping foot in the place. It’s a rarity for a Mexican restaurant to have this type of service (unless it's Taco Bell but does that even count?) so we make sure to take advantage every chance we get. We’ve hit the dining room before to be greeted with the same huge portions we received for carryout. Reasonable prices met with filling us up with some terrific food… we like it! Return visits are a must!

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