Flint Party Bus Gaines Destinations

Janelle's Family Restaurant | 110 N Saginaw St | Byron MI 48418 | 810-370-1400
Janelle’s is the best local place to get an amazing jumbo portion size steak. Our mouths are salivating at the very thought of one of those little darlings just waiting to be eaten. The rustic décor and live music in this two-roomed place just gives it a homey, non-uppity feel but a touch of class at the same time. The best of both worlds! The vegetables were cooked impeccably, who ever thought a carrot or any other veggie for that matter could taste so good? So much food, we definitely had enough for another meal the following day. We left stuffed and highly satisfied, the way we should be!

Beirut Restaurant & Grocery | 117 N Bridge St | Linden MI 48451 | 810-735-8070
The friendly casual dining at Beirut Restaurant and Grocery keeps us coming back to get our Arabic food fix at this place. Did we say how fresh everything is here? We cannot say it enough. We really feel like we are eating something good for our bodies, mind and soul here. Garlic? Did we mention that yet? From the famous garlic paste to the garlic puréed into our hummus, we’d eat a clove straight up if they put it in front of us because it's just too addictive! And the secret is that everything is so fresh! The pita bread is just the right texture and perfect for dipping. A+ and then some.

Matador's Pizza & Take Out | 132 S Saginaw St | Byron MI 48418
Located on the corner of the block, Matador’s Pizza and Takeout could be missed if you don’t look out for it and its familiar red awning. Cozy eat-in area, and when it’s nice, they move a table outside so you can enjoy outdoor dining next to their carport. Limited hours, so double check before you go and/or call but the food is so worth it! Have your party limo bus pull up here to get your carbs in before you hit the bars to help absorb those toxins that like to give you a hangover. The calzones are like something we picture an elderly Italian housewife preparing in her village in Italy, traditional and oozing with cheese.

Lucky's Steak House | 17500 Silver Pkwy | Fenton MI 48430 | 810-750-1400
If you are lucky, like Lucky’s Steak House, you just might find yourself and your significant other with a table next to the fireplace after your party limo ride in to complete a romantic escapade out on the town. The cocktails, salad and bread were so utterly fantastic and filling we nearly forgot we actually still had dinner coming. And, when our respective dinners showed up, the steaks nearly tipped our table over, it was so big like on the Flintstones! The king crab legs nearly needed their own zip code. We took a deep breath and dove in for more food, wondering how far our stomachs could stretch, but it was completely worth it! Highly recommended.

Beale St Smokehouse BBQ | 2461 North Rd | Fenton MI 48430 | 810-750-0507
Beale St Smokehouse BBQ is the place to go for authentic barbecue without having to get on Highway 61 and go all the way to Memphis, Tennessee. Finger-licking good is everything we stuff into our faces at this place. Ribs, chicken, pulled pork with that smokey goodness in every bite and who can forget the sauce. The sauce is so tasty to our tongues; we want to lick every drop off of our plates. Don’t worry, we refrained from doing so in public! However we can't guarantee you'll be able to do the same! Awesome beer selection to wash down all the utterly delicious goodness that one can handle!

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