Flint Party Bus Forest Destinations

Gillie's Coney Island | 6524 N Dort Hwy | Mount Morris MI 48458 | 810-686-1200
After the bars are all closed, bring your partiers on the party bus to Gillie’s Coney Island. Open 24 hours, dine in or drive thru, you don’t even have to get out of your vehicle to get your Flint style coney dogs on. Unique western style décor inside with a covered wagon out in front that made us feel like we were picnicking on our way to our gold mining adventure out west. Homemade pie selection is always different but a must if you are in need of some delicious dessert. The fried green pepper rings really makes this place stand out in an endless crowd of typical Michigan coney islands.

Wah Nam Restaurant | 4492 Richfield Rd | Genesee MI 48437 | 810-743-7470
Hole in the wall classic Chinese food at its best is Wah Nam Restaurant. Dine in or take out, this place is beautifully clean with friendly, speedy employees, from the wait staff to those taking your order over the phone for pick up. You cannot miss this place with their boneless, breaded almond chicken, tender and moist swimming ever so wonderfully in a tasty sauce. We think it’s fun to rub the Buddha belly for fun and luck as we pay for our food before we leave the place. A place we would eat at over and over... and we do!

The Classic Coney Island | 7471 N Genesee Rd | Genesee MI 48437 | 810-640-1595
The name of this place is perfect – The Classic Coney Island – because it’s the spot-on description for this joint! Its huge, variety packed menu makes it virtually impossible for you not to find something you fancy to eat. All the regular type of coney island food, like Flint style dogs but also more unexpected items like croissant sandwiches, Mexican, Italian, stir fry and even options for those on a diet. We were into the six different types of hash meals, all the way from country style to Greek style… we’ve returned several times just so we could try them all. Good stuff!

Clio Bowling Arcade | 3345 W Vienna Rd | Clio MI 48420 | 810-686-0260
We stopped to admire how neat the name of the place was spelled out in old bowling pins on the front of Clio Bowling Arcade. Our party bus group did not lack activity here besides the obvious bowling. There are darts and pool to be played as well. Usual bowling alley eats except we were doubly intrigued by something they called the garlic snack. Naturally, we had to try it and it lived up to its name. This stuff was strong enough to ward off vampires anywhere in a 150 mile radius. We’d definitely eat it again!

Rene's Dixie Diner | 12099 N Saginaw Rd | Clio MI 48420 | 810-686-7556
The large portions served up here were calling our name and our pocketbooks. This is a way to get that southern type charm up here in a Yankee state without taking a lengthy trip down I-75. The homemade country white bread is warm and inviting just like the atmosphere. Oh me, oh my… We were sad when it was gone. You must request it, like it’s a secret that not everyone’s supposed to know about. Nothing over $10, we like that a ton! Breakfast is most divine and should be eaten often at this cozy establishment.

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