Flint Party Bus Flint Destinations

Torch Bar & Grill | 522 Buckham Aly | Flint MI 48502 | 810-232-0626
Their burgers are the most awesome in the city! This patty is the size of one of the hubcaps of the GM motor vehicles produced locally in Flint. This place is such a hidden gem but has limited parking so we think taking a limo bus would be ideal. It has a fabulous beer selection with Newcastle on tap. Diverse, hip crowd we feel helps make this the best dive bar in the city. Torch Bar has a friendly wait staff that is ready to accommodate your large groups so it works for party bus goers on a pub crawl too!

Bar Louie | 4360 Miller Rd | Flint MI 48507 | 810-600-1500
Bar Louie has a casual laid back atmosphere that serves up a happy hour with class. A great place to kick back after a long grueling workday with a full bar, and bring all your co-workers since they have plenty of room to seat lots of people. In good weather they also have outdoor seating. We think this place has yummy appetizers highlighted by one that we love called loaded tater tots... just oozing cheese! Good beer selection and ideal to watch all Michigan's big sporting events. Great service, clean and convenient, adds up to a good time to be had by all.

Blackstone's Pub & Grill | 531 S Saginaw St | Flint MI 48502 | 810-234-9011
We are completely in love with Blackstone’s Pub and Grill with it’s lovely Irish fare and drinks. We feel we are being completely transported out of Flint and into the lush green country of Ireland whenever we visit. It’s a perfect stop for your large group on your party bus getting its pub crawl on, especially since they will reserve tables for you. We got our sports fix on big screen TVs, and enjoyed live acoustic music flowing throughout. The Irish onion soup was so delightful with its hint of beer. We feel it could be consumed every day. Attentive staff just tops it all off.

The Machine Shop | 3539 S Dort Hwy | Flint MI 48507 | 810-715-2650
Indeed, The Machine Shop is the ultimate place in Flint to rock out to national acts. This venue has an intimate, cozy setting with great views of the stage from anywhere in the bar. Great drink prices to go along with your head banging and mosh pit fun. People watching is premium with the tattooed, pierced leather bound crowd to complete the experience. They also sell clothing and rock and roll memorabilia, as the perfect souvenir of your concert going adventure. An adornment of music posters, photos and artwork are tastefully placed on the walls. Staff is helpful too!

Cork on Saginaw | 635 S Saginaw St | Flint MI 48502 | 810-422-9625
Who has self-serve wine? We will tell you who does, that would be Cork. It is the absolute best way to try out new wines you are not familiar with. And the food, where do we start? Amazing soups of all sorts especially the carrot. The lamb was so moist, tender and succulent that we can't resist coming back to enjoy it time and time again. That is definitely our most recommended dish. The wait staff gave us the most amazing service. It was friendly, fast, efficient which just adds to the cool vibe this place emits. We would recommend this to everyone we know!

Redwood Lodge | 5304 Gateway Center Dr | Flint MI 48507 | 810-233-8000
For you microbrew lovers, Redwood Lodge is the place to go, especially with their once a month Beer Appreciation Society run by their head brewer who gave us all sorts of awesome tidbits on microbrews. The food overall is not your typical microbrew fare, with menu items that had us salivating. They have tuna, shrimp and steak dishes to make even the pickiest diner happy. This place is good for large groups especially for a special occasion in a party limo hence the lodge in the title! It is a big roomy dining experience complete with enjoyable music and atmosphere.

Taboon at the Valley | 3393 S Linden Rd | Flint MI 48507 | 810-720-0336
Middle Eastern food has arrived in Flint with Taboon. Oh my, we could dive into a vat of that garlic paste accompanied by the most moist, tender and tasty chicken shwarma sandwich ever. The pita bread is homemade, delightfully warm and fluffy. Quick and attentive service, dine in or carry out. You will leave highly satisfied and very full of the best middle eastern food in this part of the state of Michigan. They have a full bar for your drinking pleasure. Spend little and get much. You will likely leave with next day’s lunch and then some!

Halo Burger | 3805 E Court St | Flint MI 48506 | 810-744-1260
We were reminded with Halo Burger of days gone by with fast food meets old fashion soda fountain. Burgers were terrific with an unexpected twist of being able to get green olives on them which was very complimentary to the beef. The French fries were a mound of crispy, salty potato hearty goodness. The Boston Cooler made us swoon with delight. It will make your taste buds dance in happiness with each cooling sip. How we wish we could eat this way every day and not gain an ounce, but with reasonable prices, we could easily fit this in our budgets on a very regular basis.

White Horse Tavern | 621 W Court St | Flint MI 48503 | 810-234-3811
Though this place lacks on windows and natural light, the White Horse Tavern makes up for that with its food. The pizza takes us back to days gone by, served to us with mozzarella pulling away from us with every bite of cheesy goodness. The best part is this pizza is half off on Saturdays and Sundays with a purchase of a drink! The fun atmosphere is totally recommended to hang with a group of friends and get your drink on and the staff is along for the ride. Breakfast is served any time of the day. Party bus groups are always welcome.

Los Panchos | 4001 Fenton Rd | Flint MI 48507 | 810-234-8226
Oh my, can we just say, those chicken tacos with green salsa at Los Panchos made us weak in the knees. The menudo is the best we’ve ever had, period. The meat is so incredibly tender, there is no chewing required. This soup is what dreams are made of. This place has lightning fast service, dine in or carry out. We could not get enough homemade chips and salsa. We ate so much we barely could finish our meal. Generous portions and inexpensive pricing makes this our Mexican restaurant of choice in Flint. You cannot beat it, a must visit!

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