Flint Party Bus Ferndale Destinations

Flytrap | 22950 Woodward Ave | Ferndale MI 48220 | 248-399-5150
We love the Flytrap! The food is amazing... but we do warn you, the name equates to the size of this place, so on the weekends this place fills up and you will have to wait to get a table. It is more than worth it. We also know the food is from scratch because it takes a bit of time to make it to the table, but again it's worth it! The crab cakes with eggs, potatoes and toast... it’s the bomb! So full of flavor and it comes with a super tasty sauce. We decided to get the gingerbread waffles to go along with it, like a dessert/brunch type of thing... man, are these delish! Along with that warm cinnamon syrup that accompanies it... we could just drink down the shot of it that comes on the side!

Como’s Restaurant and Pizzeria | 22812 Woodward Ave | Ferndale MI 48220 | 248-548-5005
Bring all your party bus peeps to Como’s where the night owls come to party with plenty of room for all. A fun huge outdoor patio in good weather with various things going on depending on the day such as live music or a DJ. They have TVs to catch your favorite sporting events on as well. The pizza is a must have... it keeps winning awards from the Metro Times and Real Detroit. After eating it, we totally get why. Round or deep dish, it’s made from the same quality good tasting ingredients that cause us to overindulge! They have happy hour from 11am-7pm every day with half off appetizers and $4.00 drink specials. Love this spot!

Howes Bayou | 22848 Woodward Ave | Ferndale MI 48220 | 248-691-7145
Looking to get a fix of authentic New Orleans food without having to travel all the way down Route 61 to get it? Look no further than Howes Bayou in Ferndale. The décor fits perfectly with all this yummy creole food. Such a small, cozy darkly lit place with a super cool diverse crowd. The crawfish classic soup is phenomenal. All this heartiness in one bowl with lobster, crawfish tails, sherry, and cream, so rich and so good. Gator sausage po’ boys pair well with this, and we love the pork sausage on it as well. Bring the gang in the party limo, they have room to accommodate you and they have a full bar. Awesome!

Boogie Fever Café and Disco | 22901 Woodward Ave | Ferndale MI 48220 | 248-541-1600
Bring your dancing shoes and your dancing friends in the party bus to Boogie Fever Café and Disco. This is truly a flashback place taking you back to the groovy 70s, the new wave 80s, and even the grungy 90s sometimes. It’s like your own time machine without having to worry about the flux capacitor working to get you back to the 2000s like in Back to the Future. They have a menu with basic items that will keep you filled up and energized especially with all of those calories you are burning channeling your inner John Travolta or Molly Ringwald depending on what era you are in... We love this place! Best club atmosphere ever!

Magic Bag | 22920 Woodward Ave | Ferndale MI 48220 | 248-544-3030
Oh Magic Bag with your cute cat logo and cool intimate concert setting to see your favorite local or national act in... how we love thee. They also invented the view and brew... they get movies that are quirky or a bit past their prime and show them in this super cool atmosphere where you can enjoy your alcoholic beverage of choice while doing so. We dig this! Mega 80s... a local act that will take you back, all the way back to the music we loved in that decade. They even dress the part... we have to pinch ourselves to make sure we are not dreaming that we were transported back in time. Fun place, great wait staff... ya gotta go see for yourself!

Rosie O’Grady’s | 279 W. Nine Mile | Ferndale MI 48220 | 248-591-9163
Oh yeah, pull that party bus up with all your party friends on it to Rosie O’Grady’s. They have the room for all of your blokes and lassies ready to drink it up, and jam to either the DJ or live music depending on the night. Also, a great place to get your sports fix on with its many high def flat screen tv’s, there’s gotta be a trillion of these things, we lost count! It was voted best burger by Real Detroit and we totally get it! This baby was seasoned to perfection with top notch angus beef and lots of cheese all on a super fresh bun! They also are serving up some super awesome chili which worked well with our tasty burger. Nice!

Woodward Avenue Brewers | 22646 Woodward Ave | Ferndale MI 48220 | 248-546-3696
Woodward Avenue Brewers is a causal place to just chill with friends and drink some microbrews. They also have an outdoor patio which is always a plus with us. The raspberry blonde beer is beyond our wildest dreams of how a beer should taste... we could get ourselves in big trouble drinking too many of these. A hangover would be guaranteed without ordering up come food to counteract this. Mexican pizza hits the spot along with these cool things they call pint o rods that are served in a glass with three gourmet mustards. It’s just a killer idea! And works well with our beer drinking plans too...

Star of India | 180 W. Nine Mile | Ferndale MI 48220 | 248-546-5996
We thought we died and went to bread heaven at the Star of India in Ferndale. They’ve got fluffy fried bread, thin baked bread, bread with things such as ground lamb baked right into the cracker or garlic for that matter. Onto this stuff they call Tandoori Chicken... a half chicken marinated in homemade blends of herbs and mild spice. And get this, it’s cooked in a clay oven... so good! Chicken, beef and shrimp curry are choices on the menu here, with sides like mango and onion chutney! A wide variety of veggie dishes on the menu... this is definitely vegetarian's dream restaurant.

The Blue Nile | 545 W. Nine Mile | Ferndale MI 48220 | 248-547-6699
This is the place to get your Ethiopian food fix in the metro Detroit area, right here at The Blue Nile. We dug into the zilzil wat which is choice beef strips simmered in niter kebbe herbed butter with a tasty sauce and onions. Vegetarian platter is awesome and a killer deal... good for those trying to be healthier but still want good tasting food or for our vegetarian friends. It will not disappoint for anyone who wants to chow this style of food, especially when it is all you can eat. They also have a meat version of this for you carnivores. You will be dreaming of this mound of tender flavorful meat lovers delight!

Anita’s Kitchen | 22651 W. Nine Mile | Ferndale MI 48220 | 248-548-0680
Authentic Middle Eastern Food in Ferndale is at Anita’s Kitchen. They even have this cute little outdoor patio, as well as plenty of great beer and wine on the menu. So many food choices, only so much room in our stomachs with this platter they call the mixed mezza. It serves two to four people, but even if you don’t have that many people with you, just take home the leftovers. You will not regret it, especially for the price! Kabobs, chicken and beef shawarma, grape leaves, hummus, tabbouleh... It's all included, fresh and yummy, and we try not to eat it all in one sitting! You can get carryout as well... this place is definitely 5 stars!

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