Flint Party Bus Fenton Destinations

French Laundry | 125 W Shiawassee Ave | Fenton MI 48430 | 810-629-8852
Bon jour! Welcome to the most fabulous French restaurant outside of Paris, France. The name of it is French Laundry. The menu even has the dishes written in both French and English… we find this so thoughtful! How we love this restaurant… let us count the ways! Homemade jam on homemade bread, do we need to say more? OK, we will. Mouthwatering sandwiches, dinner, desserts and they even cater. Bring your limo bus guests for a delightful way to be Parisian without the passport. From classic cocktails to Michigan made beer, we love it all! And we loved our waitress… can’t go wrong with good service.

Sagebrush Cantina | 14284 N Fenton Rd | Fenton MI 48430 | 810-629-3955
Can you say hot hot hot???? Like the 80’s Buster Poindexter song went… This place also just makes you want to party like its 1999… we'd better stop before someone wants royalties from quoting their songs, but we can’t help it! This is how this place makes us feel. Retro yet classic goodness. We definitely want a pitcher of margaritas here and drink the whole entire thing ourselves with a straw, wearing big obnoxious straw hats. We also want to eat like we’ve on vacation, since we don’t care how many calories go down our throats – with food this good, who cares?

Lucky's Steak House | 17500 Silver Pkwy | Fenton MI 48430 | 810-750-1400
Lucky’s puts the home in the hometown steakhouse. There is a cozy welcoming feeling to this place instead of being intimidating and overpriced like others. The steaks are big enough to feed Paul Bunyan and he might even need a doggie bag. You will leave this place stuffed because once you have your first bite of this marvelous beef, you do not want to stop eating it. And if being superb in the beef category wasn’t enough, their shrimp makes us weak in the knees, with dipping sauce we would smother just about any type of food in. It’s delish.

Fenton House Restaurant | 413 S Leroy St | Fenton MI 48430 | 810-629-0661
We could just go to Fenton House Restaurant every day of the week just for their breadsticks that come with this incredible garlic dipping sauce. We would just eat that sauce all by itself with a spoon! For you vegetarians or just someone who doesn’t always want their lasagna to weigh them down with meat, you can get veggie lasagna that's so much better than the "real thing." This would be Garfield approved! Meow! Chicken Tortilla Pizza was a taste sensation not to be missed. A must if you are in the city of Fenton.

Beale Street Smokehouse BBQ | 2461 North Rd | Fenton MI 48430 | 810-750-0507
Bring your party bus peeps here to Beale Street Smokehouse BBQ. They have the room along with a full bar and can’t-miss entertainment. The food is something to brag about to all your friends at the water cooler the next day at work as well. The sampler plate of pulled pork, St. Louis style ribs, brisket and barbecued chicken is not for the faint of heart. We thought we would burst after eating this entire plate clean. It also gives you an idea of what you just want to order for dinner by itself on your return trip.

Fenton Hotel | 302 N Leroy St | Fenton MI 48430 | 810-750-9463
This historic place the Fenton Hotel dates back to the 1800s which we found to be very neat. The formal dining room makes us feel like we’ve gone back in time but in a good way, like in the movie "Somewhere in Time." We heard the rumors of this place being haunted and were intrigued. We didn't see anything spooky while we were there, but maybe you'll be lucky enough to! This is the place to get your seafood fix on with a better selection of fish than we've ever seen in the area. It includes Atlantic Salmon and Canadian Lake Trout to just name a couple of our favorites. Scallop and shrimp pesto served over pasta, oh my!

Bangkok Pepper | 1429 N Leroy St | Fenton MI 48430 | 810-714-4607
We were geeked to find some Thai food in Fenton at Bangkok Pepper. Typical fare like pad thai was amazing but we just had to try this stuff they called pineapple fried rice. We fell in love at first taste. Clean, helpful and always pleasant staff who are willing to answer any questions you may have about their menu items produced in their restaurant. We love the idea that you can sign up for discounts on their website. Who doesn’t love a deal, especially when its quality food that you are consuming? Carry out or dine in, it’s all good.

Mancino's | 4019 Owen Rd | Fenton MI 48430 | 810-714-2000
Mancino’s in the best place to get your grinder craving on in Fenton. Made on homemade bread, baked fresh daily, and put under the broiler when made on demand. That bread crisps up to a delightful crunch in your mouth. Call ahead and your food will be ready so quickly by their happy staff. You can also dine in – it gives us the feeling of an old fashioned pizzeria. We warn you, if you eat in, the smell from the kitchen will make you want to order more food than you anticipated in the first place!

Luigi's | 1243 N Leroy St | Fenton MI 48430 | 810-750-9088
Thin crust pizza is the specialty at Luigi’s. You can get this most awesome pizza delight either by dining in or carrying out. We ate one there had to stop ourselves from ordering another for later! This is thin crust pizza at its best, cooked to perfection. They’ve been in business since 1955 and it shows. They’ve made this pizza for so many years, we bet they could do it in their sleep. We know we will dream of this thin crusty delight, perhaps eating it in a small café in Rome with a picturesque view of the city. Those are the kinds of images it conjures up. Luigi's is a definite keeper!

Buffalo Wild Wings | 3190 W Silver Lake Rd | Fenton MI 48430 | 810-629-0099
If you need a place to hit before, during or after your favorite sporting event, Buffalo Wild Wings is the joint especially with your large party bus group. They have room to accommodate you, and typically you can call ahead and reserve a spot for your party. Full bar, big screen TVs, and fried sports bar food is plentiful here and ever so tasty. Everyone seems like one big happy family as they cheer out loud for their favorite sports team, especially during football season. So, bring your appetite and let them bring the fun! Easy on the pocketbook too.

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