Flint Party Bus Davison Destinations

Whitey's Restaurant & Take Out | 109 N State Rd | Davison MI 48423 | 810-653-1550
Craving fish? We suggest you get the best fish in town which would be here at Whitey’s Restaurant and Take Out. Décor is straight out a place you would expect to see on the eastern seaboard which gives this place its street cred or should it be ocean cred? This fish is deep fried in a coating of spices that we’ve never tasted anywhere else. Fries and cole slaw compliment this moist, flaky cod dish. Salad bar is pretty awesome too! Pair this with some tasty buns while you are waiting for your food to be prepared piping hot.

White Panda Chinese Restaurant | 230 N State Rd | Davison MI 48423 | 810-658-4986
Davison’s hidden Chinese and Thai food gem is White Panda Chinese Restaurant. You really have to search for this place in order to find it, but you will be happy you did once you dive into their food. Eat in or carryout… instead of the usual cardboard carton take out container, they actually give it to you in Tupperware. An added bonus is that with any order over $10 you get a free eggroll. Who doesn’t love that? No disappointment here! Highly recommended.

Archie's Family Restaurant | 625 N State Rd | Davison MI 48423 | 810-653-9697
Come along one and all on your party bus after a long night of swilling beer and booze and head on into Archie’s Family Restaurant. There is plenty of room to seat your whole large party. This place is open 24 hours to get your diner food fix on. We love that considering that our stomachs have been known to rumble at all hours of the night. They cater everything from casual breakfasts to elegant weddings… a full variety of just plain good food! Signature navy bean soup was one of the best we’ve ever had. We think you'll love this place just as much as we do!

Chee Kong Restaurant | 719 S State Rd | Davison MI 48423 | 810-653-4265
Don’t blink. You might miss Chee Kong Restaurant located in the almost abandoned Davison Plaza. You'll realize its well worth keeping your eyes wide open to not miss this hole in the wall place. Lunch specials everyday (except Monday when they are closed) are a must! The General Tso’s chicken tops our list of the best tasting and most consistent dishes here. Carryout is good but dining in is an even better experience, with great size portions no matter how you slice it. If only they delivered, we would say this place was absolutely perfect! It comes pretty darn close.

Italia Gardens | 1141 S State Rd | Davison MI 48423 | 810-653-6899
Make this your destination for dining out on Monday nights. Italia Gardens is where kids eat free that night and have a choice of making their own pizza that can be cooked in the wood-fired brick oven. For us adults, the baked mostaccioli did not disappoint. It definitely satisfied our craving for some heavy duty authentic Italian grub. Not a full bar, but beer and wine are served, and they pair well with the dishes served on the menu. This place also does outside catering, which means they're able to accommodate your special events, such as a baby showers.

Apollo Family Restaurant | 715 S State Rd | Davison MI 48423 | 810-653-3551
Apollo Family Restaurant is typical family style dining. This is the type of food to go get when you just want something simple, basic and served fast to your table. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to drink endless amounts of coffee with their free refills as opposed to having to hawk your first born to do this at an overpriced coffeehouse. Clean, simple... no muss, no fuss dining here. This joint is a good standby in a sea of chain restaurants. It’s friendly, old fashioned service with a smile. We like that!

Helena's Original El Charrito's | 201 E Mill St | Davison MI 48423 | 810-658-9308
If you and your significant other are craving some Mexican food while having a romantic excursion together in your party limo, Helena’s Original El Charrito’s is the place to have your driver take you! It has a romantic feel to the atmosphere here though you don’t have to be in love or even be part of a couple to enjoy the vibe. Nice clean casual dining experience with deliciously prepared authentic food at affordable prices. You cannot beat that. We ate so many chips, we thought we were going to have to spend the night – we were too overstuffed to move!

John's Restaurant & Pizzeria | 9010 Davison Rd | Davison MI 48423 | 810-653-4119
This should be the only pizza you ever consider eating in Davison at John’s Restaurant and Pizzeria. Three years in a row since 2009, they’ve won best pizza in mid-Michigan and we can attest, this is no lie! This pizza is just utterly superb in every way, the crust and those sauces… oh my, just pour some on the rocks and let us drink it with a straw. You almost forget that they actually have other items on the menu. The drink selection even includes herbal tea that is something unique but quaint, fitting right in at this establishment.

Jet's Pizza | 614 N State Rd | Davison MI 48423 | 810-658-3400
One of our favorite straight up pizza joints where you can either just pick it up for carryout or have it delivered to you by some of the friendliest drivers around is Jet’s Pizza. We usually order their square pizza that has those delightful corner pieces with crust that packs the crunch we have to have. We like the sauce they use on their pizza as well, that is very important for overall taste and flavor. Salad is standard, decently sized and priced. Great alternative when you’re not in the mood to eat in anywhere or even leave your house, or on the way home from your party bus trip!

Little Caesar's | 1081 S State Rd | Davison MI 48423 | 810-653-3400
If you want to pick up the fastest ready-made pizza on the planet, then Little Caesar’s is the place to go! It’s a good basic pizza that serves its purpose to fill you up for a super-duper cheap price. Five bucks for the large Hot 'N Ready… who can beat that? No calling, no waiting... this is great when you have a hungry family to feed who has a trillion activities they need to get to. We like this, something to just grab and go when you’re in a hurry but don’t want to eat typical fast food through a drive-thru.

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