Flint Party Bus Clio Destinations

Silvio Italian Restaurant & Lounge | 139 W Vienna St | Clio MI 48420 | 810-686-7410
We didn’t think we would want to have a love affair with pizza sauce but at Silvio Italian Restaurant and Lounge, this homemade tomato-y, spiced to perfection delight has our tongues hanging out! We could have it served in a bowl with a spoon, eating it as soup to our hearts content. But you might as well eat it on a pizza! The meat sauce that is served with their pasta dishes is equally consumable in large doses. Full bar equates to us having a bottle of wine with our dinners, which only adds to the enjoyment, complementary to the favors. Best Italian in Clio? Absolutely!

Nuevo Vallarta | 138 W Vienna St | Clio MI 48420 | 810-686-7410
For the all around best in authentic Mexican food, décor, and service, Nuevo Vallarta is the winner! You could not ask for a more well-rounded dining experience. Bring in a group on a party bus, no problem. They can accommodate you even during happy hour. One of the many highlights of our Mexican chow down was the chile relleno; we would definitely make a return trip for that tasty mound of food. Chips and salsa were plentiful, filling us to the brim. We wished we ate a little less, taking some home instead, but when the food is this good, it’s hard to stop.

Sweet Charlie's | 182 W Vienna St | Clio MI 48420 | 810-687-3596
An old fashion diner that should be in every town is Sweet Charlie’s. It’s a gem in Clio with its limited menu of all fantastically made food. We like places like this where you can tell upon walking in that you are in for a treat. The prices are very reasonable. Homemade gravy was the topper with our biscuits, so unbelievably delicious We wished they had the gravy to sell by itself, in a jar or a can of some sort. The hours are limited. This is mostly a breakfast/brunch place except on Thursdays and Fridays where they stay open late for dinner.

Clio Bowling Arcade | 3345 W Vienna Rd | Clio MI 48420 | 810-686-0260
Bring the party bus to Clio Bowling Arcade, they have the room and plenty things to do to keep everyone busy doing something they find entertaining. Obviously bowling, but darts and pool are happening too! Glow in the dark bowling on Friday nights made this place even more fun than we remembered previously. They have basic bowling alley food, fried items along with being able to order pizza. Beer on tap! Clean for a bowling alley, energetic staff, and a good time to be had by all.

China Moon | 425 W Vienna St | Clio MI 48420 | 810-547-1806
Need to get your Szechuan fix on in Clio? Look no further than China Moon for some phenomenal dishes you must eat. A highlight of our eating experience here was the Egg Foo Yung, makes our mouths water just thinking about it, wishing we had some right in front of us to eat as we're writing this. Steaming hot, fresh and ever so good our palates sing for joy. Dine in or carry out, similar portions and taste. Friendly wait staff that make sure this place is kept over the top clean. We give major kudos to this place. Love it so much!

O'Graydee's Restaurant | 2145 W Vienna Rd | Clio MI 48420 | 810-687-3290
We felt like we went home to visit our parents to eat in the kitchen of our childhood when we went to O’Graydee’s Restaurant. It was like a throwback to simpler times, circa 1970’s along with the comfort food that never goes out of style. Eating here just made us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This home town restaurant is highly underrated, a quiet under the radar place. Where else could you get a hot beef sandwich in this day in age? It would be here. Each forkful just makes us truly happy. Perfect comfort food destination when traveling on our party bus!

Classic Coney Island | 2135 W Vienna Rd | Clio MI 48420 | 810-670-1080
At Classic Coney Island, they stick mostly to traditional coney island fare, but why not? They do it so well. Coneys, gyros, salads... need we say more? Along with hand dipped fish sandwiches, ham hoagies... we could go on and on. There are also wonderful croissant sandwiches that we were surprised to see on the menu, and they do these expertly too. Spotless, fast and friendly service. We could eat here nearly every day. They also have coupons you can clip from their website to save even more on this already economical menu. You cannot go wrong.

Strikers Pizza & Deli | 103 S Mill St | Clio MI 48420 | 810-564-9320
A breath of fresh air in the family diner type category is Strikers Pizza and Deli. Its whimsical soccer themed décor is so cute. Besides the food, they have a hand dipped ice cream counter and cotton candy. It makes us feel like we are transported to an old fashioned circus or perhaps even a carnival. This place does live up to its name with fabulous pizza, cheese that could stretch to the moon when you take a bite out of it and homemade bread on their sandwiches. We could just eat a loaf of this bread without anything on it.

Rene’s Dixie Diner | 12099 N Saginaw Rd | Clio, MI | 810-686-7556
Homemade bread as toast at Rene’s Dixie Diner makes this place an automatic keeper in our book. We’d rate this place as having the best breakfast in town hands down. This place has charm, so do the people who are employed there. Attentive but not overbearing, they keep your drinks refilled without you even having to ask. You can also swing by this place for dinner and fill yourself with some super creamy chicken Alfredo that would give any Italian eatery a run for its money. We love well rounded places like this, such a treat!

Hungry Howie's | 530 S Mill St | Clio MI 48420 | 810-687-5000
We've been fans of Hungry Howie's for as long as we can remember, and their location in Clio is really a special treat. They've of course got that sensational flavored crust that they built their name on, but the thing that really makes this particular location such a stand-out is the superb staff. They always have a smile on their faces when we come in, and they really put in the extra effort to make you feel special for choosing Hungry Howie's. Our party bus customers love this place too, and for good reason. Very highly recommended, always!

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