Flint Party Bus Burton Destinations

Starlite Coney Island | 1500 N Center Rd | Burton MI 48509 | 810-742-4955
It’s a late night, and we realize that noise isn’t coming from our car engine, it’s our bellies screaming at us, "Feed ME!!!" We slam on those party bus brakes and turn hard into Starlite Coney Island. Our eyes are met with a cast of colorful characters, anyone from college students trying to fill up to seniors who look like they are stuck in a time warp. This place gets packed and the staff is getting their exercise, no gym membership needed for them. Our bellies happily are stuffed with coneys, fries all that sort of thing, this joint is a true greasy spoon. Highly recommended.

El Conzumel Mexican Grill | 4190 E Court St | Burton MI 48509 | 810-715-4426
If you truly want authentic Mexican food without a passport, then El Conzumel is the place to go. Sensory overload with the super loud colorful décor that covers the interior of the place, but we grab a mouthwatering margarita to calm down our senses. It hits the spot! Now onto the homemade chips and salsa, a taco platter with refried beans and rice is settling in very well. The rice, we could go on endlessly about this rice, some of the best we’ve ever had hit our palates. We will be making a return trip soon.

The Red Baron | 2495 S Center Rd | Burton MI 48519 | 810-744-1310
We love all of the craft beers that are available at The Red Baron right here in Burton. They've got 30+ varieties for you to enjoy here, as well as delicious imports. Our favorite sandwich here has always been the Fat Darryl, and it's piled high with fries, mozzarella sicks, and even chicken fingers. Enough said. If you've got a massive appetite, that one just might quell your hunger pangs! They've got awesome war decor here that harkens back to the days of old, and even a live DJ on some nights. Too cool!

Paul's Coney Island Family Restaurant | 2280 S Center Rd | Burton MI 48519 | 810-742-8695
Where everyone knows your name and they are awfully glad you came… OK, we stole that line but it fits this so well with Paul’s Coney Island. We like the cozy feeling we get when we step into this place, the regulars are hanging out, chatting amongst themselves and enjoying their food. The first coney island we’ve ever encountered that has a drive thru… imagine that, not even having to get out of your car to get your fix. Remember, these are Flint style coneys, topped with ground beef with hotdogs that snap perfectly in your mouth with every bite. Delish!

Firkin & Fox | 1341 S Center Rd | Burton MI 48509 | 810-743-9530
Finally, a local Burton pub where we can get authentic British dishes like bangers and mash and fish and chips to just name a few. The draft beer selection is to die for. We could just come here every day to drink a different one to quench our thirst. An ideal stop on a pub crawl on a party bus, the entire alcoholic drink selection is huge and amazing. American fare is also on the menu, salads, sandwiches, catfish to just name a few on their vast menu along with desserts that made our blood sugar spike just from reading their descriptions! Too good.

Empire Wok | 4211 E Court St | Burton MI 48509 | 810-715-8888
What this place lacks in atmosphere, they make up for with their food at the Empire Wok. We loved the idea of putting together our own ingredients then having one of their chefs cook our food right in front of us on their grill. No frills, fuss or muss and a lunch buffet to boot! Clean surroundings, friendly staff, what more can you ask for? We say nothing. A way to chow as much creative Asian food at its best till you need to unbutton your pants before you pop a button! Good stuff all around. One of the best, no doubt.

Bubba O'Malley's | 1076 S Belsay Rd | Burton MI 48509 | 810-715-9900
There are lots of things going at Bubba O’Malley’s, between things such as dollar hour, happy hour, and even specials for hockey games. We love places that have lots going on, and this one just screams for you to bring in a large group on a party bus. No one will be bored with all these activities. We fell in love with dollar hour where we could drink our fill of one dollar beer. Yes, pinch yourself, wells and pints for a mere dollar. The menu is filled with bar and grill delights that we packed in our tummies till no more could fit!

Paliani's Pizza Takeout and Restaurant | 5448 Lapeer Rd | Burton MI 48509 | 810-743-6090
You don’t have to be Italian or fly to Italy to be able to enjoy Italian food prepared like it is in the old country at Paliani’s Pizza Takeout and Restaurant. We knew this was a special place. Somewhere you could take a party bus for a casual memorable experience. Share a pizza with the one you love, smothering your mouths in a cheesy delight that your mouths will thank you for. Soup, salad and that garlic bread... with just a hint of sweetness, and so soft we could take a nap on it. Could you imagine the dreams? Ahhh…

Guadalajara Grill | 3001 S Dort Hwy | Burton MI 48529 | 810-715-2330
This is not your usual Mexican fare at Guadalajara Grill. This is the only place in town to get a breakfast burrito… well, we take that back, we're sure Mickey D’s down the street still serves one but does that really count? Not in our eyes. Guadalajara is the real deal. Hands down the most reasonably priced, and so pleasing to our palates. Plus, they have several kinds of homemade salsa that we could have dived into head first, as this tomatoey goodness caressed our senses, tempting us to ask for seconds! Likely to be considered a dive by most, but who cares? It's all good!

Scotti's Coney Island | 5522 Lapeer Rd | Burton MI 48509 | 810-742-7001
Typical Flint style coney island fare is what you will find at Scotti’s Coney Island. Hotdogs topped with ground beef as opposed to Detroit style with chili, a healthy portion of perfectly salted fries, and an icy Coke to top it off. You cannot go wrong with a basic coney meal like that, simple and ever so good! We enjoyed it a lot. Clean, comfortable surroundings with a happy wait staff who are very attentive, your glass is refilled promptly without asking. We love that! We even ordered a carryout to enjoy later. We could not get enough of this food.

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