Flint Party Bus Brandon Bars & Restaurants

Union Woodshop | 18 S Main Street | Clarkston, MI 48346 | (248) 625-5660
One of the best, we think, for any of our bar hopping customers in the Brandon area is none other than Clarkston's Union Woodshop! This is a cool barbecue spot and bar that you will definitely want to take advantage of when you're out here with all your friends and looking for a good place to celebrate. They have great service in both the restaurant and bar areas and you'll definitely enjoy the laid back vibe that you experience in both areas. You'll love throwing down on some of their delish barbecued pork along with some perfectly cooked French fries... maybe indulging in some macaroni and cheese or perhaps some of their famous casserole dishes... and of course their pudding is exquisite for dessert! We strongly suggest this place if you want a delicious home cooked meal and a stiff drink.

Victoria's Delights | 12 South Washington Street | Oxford, MI 48371 | (248) 969-3477
Whenever any of our fine customers in the Brandon area ask about a fantastic French restaurant where they can dine and drink, we always point them to Victoria's Delights in nearby Oxford. You'll be delightfully surprised by the enormous menu at Victoria's, which boasts all the highest quality and just so impressive. Sitting at the bar is an absolute joy and it's also so pleasant to enjoy the dining area with all of your party bus friends. They have a sensational beer selection here and our favorite things on the menu have got to be the quiches and crepes! They actually have a plate that combines those two worlds and that is our highest recommendation.

The Ox Bar & Grill | 23 South Washington Street | Oxford, MI 48371 | (248) 628-1400
The Ox Bar & Grill happens to sit in the former location of a beautiful upscale restaurant and they've wisely chosen to keep most of the decor, which means that you get to enjoy all the beauty that was meant to be there but with even better ownership and management, and just a fantastic overall vibe that makes it an ideal stop in the Brandon area. Every time we have people visit this place they tell us afterwards that they really think this place is the berries, so we feel confident recommending it to you. It's family friendly and yet still a bar and grill, and the service is truly excellent. An amazing wine and beer selection that is both extensive and well-chosen. We love the monte cristo and the spinach dip!

Clarkston Union Bar & Kitchen | 54 S Main Street | Clarkston, MI 48346 | (248) 620-6100
Speaking of unique ambiance, how about a pub and restaurant located in what used to be a church? That's what you'll find at Clarkston Union Bar & Kitchen here in the Brandon and Clarkston area. They're absolutely famous for their delicious macaroni and cheese and that's our top recommendation as far as the food goes here, but everything's good! There's an amazing microbrew selection here that we think you will truly enjoy, and in the summer you will adore their generous outdoor seating area. We can't think of a more pleasant spot for Flint Party Bus customers to chill and enjoy an evening with all their good friends!

MacPhee's Restaurant & Lounge | 650 South Ortonville Road | Ortonville, MI 48462 | (248) 627-2891
A nice Scottish themed restaurant and lounge that's worth discovering in the Brandon area is MacPhee's Restaurant & Lounge! We're absolutely hooked on their shepherd's pie and we think that you should absolutely check that out when you're there. Their salads and sandwiches are also really delicious and they've got a whole lot of nice entrees to choose from too, including coconut chicken that is just irresistible. Great breadsticks also! There's television here in case you don't want to miss the game while you're out and there's even a full bar for your total and complete enjoyment. Very nice service and great prices as well! A Flint Party Bus fave!

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