Flint Party Bus Blumfield Destinations

Fritz's Restaurant | 9264 W Saginaw Rd | Richville MI 48758 | 989-868-4810
This is the best comfort food you are going to throw down in Richville at Fritz’s Restaurant. This is the type of place you expect to stop at on your way up into northern Michigan and have a nice warm meal that makes you feel all fuzzy and happy on the inside. We like that you can get a Thanksgiving meal without having it be the actual holiday filled with running from relatives to relatives house, eating so much turkey you are sure you will grow feathers and gobble by the end of the night. This food is exactly how you want it, like your mom invited you over but you don’t have to do the dishes. Good stuff!

Track Side | 9714 Saginaw St | Reese MI 48757 | 989-868-3599
Track Side is exactly how we pictured it – railroad memorabilia is everywhere, super cute and cozy like we are in a train car. This place has a friendly staff and it's super clean, plus lots of town folks frequent the place which means it’s got to be good. We note that everything tastes fantastic as we eat our way through jumbo shrimp, fries and cole slaw. It is really most excellent! You can also get yourself a fab bar burger here too. So many choices for munchies and appetizers, we feel our bellies expanding as we read it, we want to try everything. More return trips are in order.

Pompeii Italian-American Restaurant | 9671 Saginaw St | Reese MI 48757 | 989-868-4151
There is a little something for everyone at Pompeii Italian-American Restaurant. You don’t have to be the mood for Italian just because your dining partner suggested this place, hence the name. But, who goes here and doesn’t want to eat a big fat pizza served hot, yummy and full of many layers of cheese? The pepperoni curls up just to our liking with a shallow bit of grease in each perfectly round piece. The crust makes us wish we could just order some by itself, a crispy delight that makes us dream of it later. Yes, we are foodies!

Papio's Food & Spirits | 2280 S Reese Rd | Reese MI 48757 | 989-868-8669
This is the place to hit after a game of golf and let the party limo take you and your golfing buddies over to Papio’s Food and Spirits. This eatery is a great way to relax after a long day of hitting that ball down the fairway, into the sand trap or into the rough. This joint sports some of the best pizza in the area and a full bar to wash it all down with, quenching your thirst. The service is great from the staff who keeps this place sparkling clean. And you can just walk over to this place after your game – it is right there on the golf course.

Karp's Bowling Bar | 9746 Saginaw St | Richville MI 48758 | 989-868-4598
Here's an ideal place to take all those party people in your party bus... Karp’s Bowling Bar. The nice well-oiled lanes are great to try and get that sought after 300 game or to just have some fun getting your bowling fix on. Their Pizza and fish fry is sensational, just to name of a couple of the eating opportunities to give you more energy to keep throwing that bowling ball! You can even take their food to go just in case you are having way too good of a time to stop to eat. You can chow down in the party bus instead!

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