Flint Party Bus Berkley Destinations

Amici’s Gourmet Pizza and Livingroom | 3249 12 Mile Rd | Berkley MI 48072 | 248-544-4100
We love the laid back, chill vibe of this place called Amici’s Gourmet Pizza and Livingroom, a great place to bring a small group of friends in a party limo, especially when the adorable back patio is open. This is healthy pizza, but don’t worry it doesn’t lack in taste. The great thing is that it won’t make you feel guilty for chowing every last thin crust bite down the hatch! Blackened chicken pizza is a stand out with scallions, monterey jack cheese and their own homemade fresh herb tomato sauce. Oddly, martinis are also a highlight of this place. These things are so good, they should add it to the title of the place... Let's dub it the Martini Livingroom!

Bagger Dave’s Legendary Burgers Tavern | 2972 Coolidge Hwy | Berkley MI 48072 | 248-543-3283
Beef is king of the world at Bagger Dave’s Legendary Burgers Tavern. We dive into this huge monster of bodaciousness on a plate! They call it the trainwreck burger. This baby includes fresh cut french fries and a fried egg along with all the many other condiments... including their own special sauce which is similar to thousand island dressing. Awesome! They also have homemade sweet potato fries with your choice of dipping sauces... they're so good they're almost like dessert fries. So good! We also get sloppy Dave's fries. We figure if we went this far, we might as well see how much we can test our arteries with all this guilty pleasure eating! We’ll let you know if they explode!

O’Mara’s Irish Restaurant | 2555 W. 12 Mile Rd. | Berkley MI 48072 | 248-399-6750
Bring that party bus with your large group on into O’Mara’s Irish Restaurant where they have the square footage to accommodate everyone. Ideally, come Thursday, Friday, or Saturday for entertainment while you eat and drink at the full bar. The music here ranges from Celtic music to hilarious comedians and everything in between. We like a place that has cool local acts! They also have local Lake Superior whitefish for your dinner enjoyment, which is made so tasty and cooked to moist yummy perfection. They also have traditional Irish fare like corned beef and cabbage and fish and chips. Good place to take the kids as well for a casual fun night of dining out.

Kam’s Express | 3018 12 Mile Rd. | Berkley MI 48072 | 248-544-8030
Kam's Express is just a small hole in the wall restaurant, but they've got so many regulars who flow in and out of this small space all day! If they all tried to dine there at the same time, that tiny building would simply explode. You know you are in for a treat when a place has that many loyal diners. Boneless almond chicken, sesame chicken, chop suey and egg drop soup are all highlights at this place. At least one of the owners is always present, and the waitstaff is so friendly and speedy. They charge reasonable prices for enormous meals... truly large enough to feed a small army of people. It’s the go-to place for Chinese food in Berkley which you cannot mess with! Dine in or carry out... it’s all good!

Blarney Stone Pub | 27253 Woodward | Berkley MI 48072 | 248-541-1881
A dive bar Irish pub describes this place just perfectly! Blarney Stone Pub is a great spot for all your pub crawlers on the party bus to make a stop for cheap strong drinks that may have you all seeing double easily. They also have a dart board, pool table, and even keno for your entertainment, as well as some big screens to catch local sports on. Pub grub works with sliders and wings that satisfy our appetites while drinking our $3.00 pints of beer. You don’t have to yell to talk at this place and the booths are cozy if you choose to sit in one. Great neighborhood hangout any night of the week!

Victorian Tea Parlor | 2737 12 Mile Rd. | Berkley MI 48072 | 248-542-5253
No passport to England is needed here at the Victorian Tea Parlor in Berkley. We indulged ourselves happily in high tea here properly and happily. This place has charming Victorian décor with tea cups proudly displayed everywhere. We tried our best not to be a bull in a china shop, hoping we didn’t accidentally break anything. It's so lovely and quaint here, you just want to make sure that it remains that way. You can also dine on a light lunch there as well with open face sandwiches and quiche. They're very delightful and certainly the kind of food that you would expect at this place. They have tea you can purchase to take home to make, in addition to other items in their quaint gift shop filled with genteel items. Adorable for outings with the girls!

Berkley Front | 3087 12 Mile Rd. | Berkley MI 48072 | 248-547-3331
The beer selection rules the roost at Berkley Front. If you sit up by the bar, and you are into talking about beer, you will be happy because these bartenders are super knowledgeable and are happy to talk to you about it. This joint’s dive bar atmosphere and decor is unforgettable, with the nachos being a big winner as a menu item to chow down on. They have the room for all you hipsters in your party limo and it's good that after trying out their endless beer selection, you have a driver to take you all safely home. Casual fun to be had by all with your best group of friends... DJ on the weekends too! You'll love it.

Sila Italian Dining and Pizza | 4033 12 Mile Rd. | Berkley MI 48072 | 248-548-3650
An old school Berkley pizza joint that’s been around for ages is Sila Italian Dining and Pizza. Straightforward place to get your pizza along with warm breadsticks and an antipasto salad... Enjoy those and you are living well, my friend. They have plenty of room for your party limo group, and it's a pleasure to come and be treated well by the friendly and efficient wait staff. The place hasn’t been remodeled since they opened somewhere during George Washington’s first term in office, but don’t let that bother you. It's a classic! Simple and cheap dining at its best is sometimes all one needs! Regulars have fond memories of this place, recalling good times they’ve spent there in the past when they still had a place to tie up your horse! ;-) All jokes aside, Sila is a winner!

Mazza Indian Cuisine | 3354 W. 12 Mile Rd. | Berkley MI. 48072 | 248-543-6209
We love the vibe this joint gives off with its super-duper friendly staff at Mazza Indian Cuisine. It seems like instant good karma from just walking in the door and long term by dining there. The name of the place means enjoyable and tasty in the native language and it fits this place to the max! Flavorful spicy dishes just as we imagined them, flowing swiftly to our table and into our mouths to make our tummies very happy. From the classic chicken curry to the spicy chicken rolls and the kheer, their version of rice pudding... we were in awe and in love! Where have they been our whole lives? We hope they stay in the restaurant business for a mighty long time!

Lunch Café | 3116 12 Mile Rd. | Berkley MI 48072 | 248-544-2233
Lunch Cafe is a sensational place to stop in for a bite to eat in the middle of any day. It’s a quiet, cozy place to stop and grab a quick bite to eat while doing errands or shopping or even with the kids. Homemade soups are different every day and definitely worth the extra stop on your agenda. The jalapeño popper grilled cheese was an unexpected delight of goodness, and that really hits the spot with whatever their soups of the day are. Super cheap prices to be able to get a cup of soup and half a sandwich for $4.00. What a price for handcrafted fresh food! How do they do it? Lunch Cafe is a definite keeper!

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