Flint Party Bus Atlas Destinations

Da Edoardo North | 8185 Holly Rd | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-694-1300
Looking for a quiet place to get a bit dressed up for a special occasion? Then Da Edoardo North is the place you need to make a reservation for. This place is ideal for yourself and your significant other to come in your party bus for a romantic night of dining. We were able to be seated with a specular window view while sipping our wine and eating some of the most amazing Italian food that Grand Blanc has to offer. The Steak Diane was so tender, no knife was needed, and homemade tiramisu topped off a wonderful evening.

Nuevo Vallarta | 11225 S Saginaw St | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-695-1671
What a colorful, fun looking place Nuevo Vallarta is, putting us in the mood instantly to drink up their well-made, tasty and strong margaritas. Food portions as large as a stop on a Mayan tour, equally attractive with just the right amount of spice, and just the best burrito we’ve ever had. Chips and salsa were refilled without asking our server. We like our wait staff like that. Like a slice of Mexico right there in Grand Blanc without needing a passport and way cheaper than an airline or cruise ticket… We will be back!

Luca's Chophouse | 12793 S Saginaw St | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-603-0380
We’d heard nothing but praise for Luca’s Chophouse and we are happy to say that it lived up to the hype. The chef here really knows how to cook a steak to utter perfection. We wanted ours medium and medium rare and they both came out exactly as asked for. We couldn't believe the perfection of our meals as we dove in to these meaty delights. Crème Brulee topped off our fabulous dining experience. Such delicious sugary goodness, we nearly ordered seconds. Great service and atmosphere will keep this chophouse’s reputation in good standing for years to come.

Little Joe's Restaurant | 11518 S Saginaw St | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-694-8391
A dive bar at its best… Michigan microbrews and burgers. Need we say more? The décor brings up memories from days gone by when hairbands were fading out of vogue and grunge was taking over the airwaves. We can’t help but dig this nostalgia. Clean too. Friendly staff just pulled it all together. They have a full bar along with other menu favorites like salad, pizza and chili. All were tasty treats to complete our visit. Bring the party bus group here, it has the room to accommodate them and to get everyone’s drink on too! Fun for all.

Sophia's Kitchen | 11395 S Saginaw St | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-695-8555
Extensive menu for a home cooking restaurant with one of our all-time favorite things... Breakfast is served all day! Comfort food like your grandma used to make, but for amazing prices. Basic, simple food that is just plain good. We would eat their omelet everyday if it was possible for our daily breakfast. This is a sparkling clean diner with a nice wait staff who are ready to take your order as soon as you walk in the door. The food hits the spot when you are craving some good old fashioned carbs to fill you up.

Crossbow Inn | 11310 S Saginaw St | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-695-0720
A small quaint place is the Crossbow Inn. There's a long wait here at times, but it is well worth it, and of course that is the sign of a truly beloved restaurant. This is just a sign that the place must have really good food and guess what? It truly does. A hometown place with huge portions. We love leftovers for an after-party snack on the party bus. If you are taking home a doggie bag, with how yummy this food is, you will certainly not be sharing it with Fido. You can get everything here including prime rib, perch, sandwiches and even a taco salad. Now that is a big variety to choose from!

Buffalo Wild Wings | 8251 Trillium Circle Ave | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-603-1299
We have never been able to get enough of Buffalo Wild Wings, and the location in Grand Blanc is one of our particular favorites. Their sensational deep fried chicken wings tossed in unbelievable dipping sauces is the big draw here, but of course the sports angle doesn't hurt either! When there's a big game to catch, you really cannot go wrong with this place! Tons of flat screen TVs for your enjoyment, plus free Wi-Fi to check the scores on your fantasy sports leagues and find other game info too. Sizzling wings, big games, trivia nights, jukebox, and more. We could go on and on.

The Red Baron | 2495 S Center Rd | Burton MI 48519 | 810-744-1310
Craft and draft beers, check….30 plus varieties on tap including imports here at The Red Baron. Massive sandwich called the Fat Darryl with everything but the kitchen sink, with French fries, cheese sticks and deep fried chicken fingers, check… this is just as crazy good as it sounds. We could barely finish it. A deejay enables us to get our groove on while being in foodie heaven. We dig the World War I décor that focuses on obviously the red baron, it gives our eyes something interesting to look at while our tastebuds devour the entrees. A return trip is in order.

Cranberries Cafe | 10250 Hegel Rd | Goodrich MI 48438 | 810-636-3409
You can order a martini and get a free appetizer deal at Cranberries Café the majority of the time. Can we say what more could we ever ask for? Oh my, where else could you sip your tasty martini and eat a delicious fried pickle all at the same time. We like to think we invented that combo! We frankly are in love with this whole restaurant concept. The wait staff is the absolute friendliest in all the town of nearby Goodrich, and we nearly gave each and every one of them a big hug for the amazing experience. Open and airy seating makes for a very inviting and welcoming atmosphere, making us want to stay forever.

Lebanese Bakery and Grill | 11515 S Saginaw St | Grand Blanc MI 48439 | 810-606-0097
Somewhere we can get our Middle Eastern Food fix in Grand Blanc is Lebanese Bakery and Grill which makes our tummies cheer for joy. Besides the usual fare, you can get carryout meat pies. Our hearts just fluttered out of our chests with the very thought of taking those yummy cuties home. Fresh fruit and veggie juices are available along with sensational Turkish coffee. If you are not familiar with this coffee, it is strong but ever so drinkable. Meant to be savored and enjoyed slowly with some over the top sweet baklava. That will definitely tickle your fancy AND your tastebuds!

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