Flint Party Bus Addison Destinations

Beach Bar | 3509 Ocean Beach Rd | Clarklake, MI 49234 | (517) 529-4211
If your Flint Party Bus travels bring you to Addison, be sure to check out Beach Bar! We can't think of a cooler place to hang out on the lake and enjoy that beachy vibe. When the summer is upon us, it's so awesome to sip your cocktails on their summery patio, and when the winter has you sheltered indoors trying to keep warm, there's no better place to do that than beside their beautiful fireplace. We're huge fans of the soups and salads here as well as the yummy sandwiches. There is of course a full bar, as the name suggests, so you won't be limited in that respect. They are closed entirely on Mondays and Tuesdays, open til 9 Wed-Thu, and til 10 Fri-Sun.

Artesian Wells Sports Tavern | 18711 US Highway 12 | Cement City, MI 49233 | (517) 547-8777
If a sports bar is more what you're in the mood for when you're out in Addison with Flint Party Bus, Artesian Wells Sports Tavern has got you covered. The theme here is Harley Davidson, so if you're a biker or if you just feel like one at heart, you'll really enjoy the vibe and the decor. They've got a super friendly waitstaff here that works hard to keep the customers happy, and it's a touch pricier than some other bars in the area but we feel that it's generally worth it. Everything's delish here, but our go-to item is the burger paired with a perfect icy cold beer! Note that they are closed completely on Sundays, are open til midnight Mon-Thu, and til 2 Fri-Sat.

Shady's Tap Room | 110 N Main St | Brooklyn, MI 49230 | (517) 938-8733
Many of our Flint Party Bus customers in the Addison area prefer a pub and brewery type of atmosphere rather than the beach bar and sports bar types of establishments mentioned above, and if that sounds like you, you might just want to pass by Shady's Tap Room when you're out here with us. This is a fantastic spot with a really wonderful ambiance that they have clearly worked hard to create. It's impressive, welcoming, and warm. The signature pizza is our go-to item that we can never seem to resist. Love their microbrews too with lots of Michigan choices. The live music is great here and the loud atmosphere is plenty of fun! Very lively.

The Pointe Bar & Grill | 1200 Eagle Point Rd | Clarklake, MI 49234 | (517) 529-7116
The Pointe Bar & Grill is one that we'd classify as a bit more of a restaurant than a bar, thoroughly modern and just wonderful for your special celebrations in the Addison area with Flint Party Bus. They've got a four-season porch here that we think you will really enjoy and the open kitchen is another plus. The patio is wonderful to enjoy in the spring and summer months. They host a lot of cool events here and it's nice for your personal celebrations too. There are televisions here for those who want to watch some sports and there is more than enough room for even your biggest party bus groups. Open only til 3pm Sundays, closed Mondays, and open til 9 all other days.

In Good Company | 9039 S Meridian Rd | Clarklake, MI 49234 | (517) 529-9150
In Good Company is a cool bar and grill that has a very inviting and pleasant atmosphere, just charming and cozy, making you want to walk in and stay for a good long while. Our Flint Party Bus customers really enjoy this welcome addition to the Addison area and we think that you will too when you are traveling in this area with us. Their grilled panini-style sandwiches are just too good to resist and that's what we'd recommend most highly to you, especially with a hearty helping of onion rings alongside it! Yum! The staff is just out of this world, really chatty and friendly and helpful. They're open til 9 every single night of the week, easy to remember!

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